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5 Things You Need to Know About Lead Generation and How to Improve Conversion

Generating leads is vital for the businesses these days as it is what leads to more sales and higher revenue. The online market is becoming highly competitive, and companies are trying new ways to woo more customers and get an edge over the competitors.

Lead Generation Ideas to Increase Conversion Rate

Improving Conversions and Generating Leads

The design of your website and the landing page plays a vital role in capturing leads, and there are landing pages that are created explicitly for that. It helps in getting across the message to the target audience and also ensures that the lead is captured for a follow-up.

Generating leads is all about winning the trust of the consumers and ensuring them that they would be getting value-based products, services, and or information. As the consumers are more aware of the advertising world and have a lot of choices, convincing the customers and winning their trust is the most important task to do. There are a few things you must know about lead generation to achieve success with your lead generation campaign –

1) Contact Number

Whether your drive needs the customers to call you or not, having your or your company’s phone number displayed in a highlighted fashion lends credibility to the lead generation advertisement. When a consumer feels that the company is accessible and if they have any query, there is a real person out there who would listen and help provides a solution, it gets much easier to convince the end users. Historically, it has been seen when the phone number is a part of the branding and marketing strategy; it derives results.

2) Lead Generating Forms

The website should be so designed that the lead generation forms are ergonomically placed to attract the attention of the users. And, the idea here is that the form should be split into various sections with the first part of the form asking for as less information as possible.

It is because the long forms in display kill the mood and the interest of the consumers, and thus, splitting the forms into convenient sections to be filled by the consumers is a good idea to capture leads.

3) Testimonials


People are influenced by the existing customers more than the advertising and marketing strategies of the company. And, it is where the power of testimonials comes into the picture. In the lead generation page, make sure to showcase testimonials and reviews of the customers and what they feel about the product, services, or the brand. It helps win the trust of the customers and adds credibility to the entire marketing drive. Placing photos along with the testimonials would double the credibility factor.

4) Using Trust Seals – Make Sure the Seals are Accountable

Even though there are no real statistics to prove it, the sites that use Trust Seals like BuySafe Assurance, Certification, Ranks, License, Quality Assurance, or similar, are more likely to get higher sales. However, it is also essential that the trust seals are not just for display sake but actually, means something. Trust seals help in killing the remaining doubts in the mind of the customers, and get an edge over the counterparts.

5) Keep Split Testing

As with everything else, the lead generation techniques are evolving, and many changes are entering this space as well. It is important that you keep doing split testing your landing pages to see what is working and what isn’t to make the essential changes.

Making vital design changes from time to time to keep up with the market trends is also critical to success with your lead generation activity. Multivariate and A/B split testing using the artificial intelligence based platform helps in getting all the answers you need regarding the changes you need to make from time to time for better and faster results.

You can easily increase your conversion by implementing the above mentioned ideas along with integrating the visitor tracking software that would help analyse who visited your site, but didn’t actually signed up or filled up your form. Getting the idea about the region or companies from where your visitors are coming from will help you design ad campaigns that are targeted towards them for better conversion.

The idea is to understand what the visitors are looking for, keep an eye on what the target audience is saying about your products and services, and making necessary changes accordingly to help the brand penetrate the niche it aims to dominate. 🙂

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