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AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery Software Review

Everybody keeps a few basic information on their cell phones, whether it be some message, media, or records. While we utilize these cell phones to keep the information safe and promptly accessible, at times we can be in a circumstance where we can’t get to that or lose it.

In such a case, you really want some recovery tool to fix things. You are fortunate assuming that you have an iPhone on the grounds that AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery brings every one of the highlights you really want. Whether you really want to recuperate the lost information or needa tool that offers the most open and most flexible experience, AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is the ultimate solution. Thus, in this post, we will investigate a portion of its most significant details.

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore

The UI of AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

The most effective way to begin with a product survey is to examine the UI and the user experience presented by the product. At the point when we discuss the connection point you arrive, there are discrete segments with all the UI components decisively positioned. Here you will continuously find all that you really want within reach.

The initial segment of the interaction gives three choices to data recovery. In the following stage, a similar left sheet contains every one of the choices for documents and applications from where you can recuperate your information. The general experience of its UI is really direct, and the connection point involves natural planning procedures for components like buttons with text and logos for more straightforward getting everything rolling.

Functionalities & Features

Here you can anticipate a ton of highlights; in particular, these elements are seldom tracked down in most different devices. In this way, recorded beneath are the main 5 highlights you will appreciate while utilizing the FoneKeeper.

Recover In excess of 30 Sorts of filesfrom iOS devices

You will run over many instruments that offer Data Recovery from iOS gadgets. In any case, the extraordinary thing about FoneKeeper is that it offers Data Recovery like no other device. Here you can recuperate your information in excess of 30 file types. It really intends that there will barely be anything present on your iOS gadget that you will lose.

From your camera gallery images to the application documents, media, sound, calendar files, contacts, voice reminders, notes, program records, and all the other things, there isn’t anything you will pass up when you recuperate information with FoneKeeper.

Works on various iOS Gadgets

While most iOS System Recovery software offers types of assistance for iPhone gadgets just, FoneKeeper centers around all iOS gadgets. In this manner, it chips away at iPhone, iPod, and iPad gadgets to assist you with recuperating the entirety of your lost information. A few gadgets it supports are:

  • iPhone 13 series, XS, XR, and X.
  • iPad Ace, Air, Mini.
  • iPod Contact 6, 5, and numerous others.

Subsequently, it doesn’t count which gadget you are on. However long the instrument upholds your gadget, you will be securely ready to recuperate the entirety of your lost information.

Different Modes to Recuperate iOS data

AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery isn’t just about recuperating your information from the gadget that is as of now present with you. Simultaneously, it chips away at your accessible gadgets. It additionally upholds Data Recovery in two alternate ways, which are useful on the off chance that you lost your gadget, got stolen, or were profoundly harmed. Recorded underneath are the three principal ways you can recuperate your information with FoneKeeper:

  • Data Recovery from your iOS gadget that you presently have with you.
  • Data Recovery from the iTunes backup file that you made on your PC, and you have that present as aoffline backup.
  • Online backup recovery from iCloud is naturally made relying upon your backup.

Along these lines, the possibilities recuperating a large portion of your lost information are higher.

Can work on every computer

At the point when you need to utilize FoneKeeper, you don’t have to stress over your specifications of the PC. It chips away at Windows and Macintosh PCs. As far as equipment details, the base necessities are a 1GHz process with 1GB RAM, which is way not as much as what most laptops come today. As far as its working framework support, it upholds:

  • Windows: 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista.
  • Macintosh operating system X or more.

Get the files of Your device Back if your device is stolen

In case your iOS gadget was taken and isn’t at present accessible, you can in any case utilize FoneKeeper to recuperate your information. An essential for this condition is that you ought to have a disconnected or online backup made. All things considered, you can utilize the iTunes or iCloud backup technique accessible at FoneKeeper.

How Simple AceThinker iPhone Data Recoveryshould be used

Connecting with device

As you download and introduce the instrument on your PC, you should link your iOS gadget to the PC with a USB data link. Simply start the apparatus and interface your gadgets, and the instrument will consequently identify your gadget, and you can continue with the next step.

Checking and Review

Then, you really want to choose your favouredfiles and information that you want to recover. The apparatus brings checking and reviewing highlights that raise every one of the information you want to recuperate so you can rapidly choose and see it to guarantee that you get the right information from your gadget.

Recovery of files

After you are finished with file selection, the last thing you really want to do is recuperate, and you will get every one of the lost information recuperated within a couple of seconds with next to no extra endeavors from your end.


The general involvement in AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is really clear, and there are no highlights that you will miss her. It offers speedy information access and recovery from various ways like your gadget, online, and offline backups. With its help of a considerable rundown of iOS gadgets, it is a complete package for you to recuperate any lost data.

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