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Advanced SEO Guide for Blogspot/Blogger Blogs

Advanced SEO Guide for Blogger: Today we will provide you all with the basic and needed Blogspot SEO Guide which is recommended if you’re currently using blogger, This Blogspot Advanced SEO Guide would carry many common things which matter for rankings actually they are indeed SEO Tips which you should implement on your blogs using blogger/Blogspot to rank out your competitors in the same niche or topic. Now without wasting much time i would like to discuss the basic and needed Blogspot SEO Guide.

Advanced SEO Guide for Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

Advanced SEO Guide for Blogger/Blogspot

Advanced SEO Guide for Blogger/Blogspot

Title Of Posts

When it comes to Title of the post you would at first think what do i mean by it but in terms of google its very important plus readers always focus on title and then clicks on it, if you have a unattractive title and ranking on top for some good keywords then you might get some clicks but if you would be having a SEO Free and Attractive title then people would surely click on your link first before clicking on others.

## : You should always choose a title between 40 to 72 Chars which is called as “SEO Free Title” in terms of google.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density

Keyword Density

Keyword Density is the thing which you should consider about because if you don’t insert keywords properly and maintain a keyword density of 2.5% then you would not rank even if you consider about Off page of the blog post.

## : Insert keywords upto 13 to 15 times for better rankings and increasing SEO Power of your blog.

Blogger Post Links

Blogger post link matters a lot in ranking factors but nowadays due to Breadcrumbs they are actually of no use but still for the people who are using Post Links its better to use custom links and insert only the Keyword in the link like your keyword is “Blogger SEO Guide” then your link would look something like this

Image Optimization

Image Optimization is also the thing which you should consider because nowadays google is giving more attendance  to the people using proper Caption, Title and ALT Tags in the image

Image Optimization

Image Optimization

## : Try to always hyperlink the image to the exact URL of the image either than the url of post, i have seen many people using url of post in case of the image and now they are effected by the new updates of the google.

Provide Good Meta Tags

Meta tags are very helpful in increasing SEO Rank because they are used by search engines to identify title, description, and other details of a URL.

Provide Nofollow External Links

Providing Nofollow external link is also powerful in terms of search engines. In WordPress while adding any link it gives a option of Nofollow link but in blogger you need to rel=”nofollow”

Nofollow External Links

Nofollow External Links

## : Always add rel=”nofollow” after completing the article.

Dofollow Internal Links

As like External nofollow links, internal dofollow links also helps to increase SEO Power of the post on your blog.

Always remember to insert minimum 2 or 3 links in a post to maintain good SEO Power.

## : You should minimum add 2 or 3 links in between posts and remember they should be contextual links.

OFF Page SEO Guide

Link Building Strategies


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