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Arshi Khan is an Indian Model, Internet celebrity, Actress, and Television personality. She appeared on various Movies, Reality shows, and TV daily soaps. Arshi Khan is widely known for her controversy with Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi.

Arshi Khan Indian Model Age, Boyfriend, Biography & More

Arshi Khan (Indian model)

Personal Life of Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan born in a very small town in Afghanistan on 1989 November 28, but she belongs to Indian nationality parents Mohammad Arman Khan and Nagra Sultan.

Arshi Khan raised and brought up in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, but we do not have any knowledge on her educational qualification.

There is a rumour that she has completed her schooling, but there is no record or any official information on her School, High-school, and University details on the Internet.

Model Arshi Khan Photo

There are rumors that Arshi Khan did not continue her University because of her bad behaviour and she decided to pursue her modelling career.

She became popular on the Internet by her semi-naked stunts before she moved to the entertainment field.

Arshi khan also declared that on social media about her relationship with Shahid Afridi. She also stated that her pregnancy with Pakistani cricketer Afridi.

By the end of the day, she could not provide any evidence regarding her relationship with Afridi. Despite getting attention from the media and fans, Afridi responded to her allegations because they were false.

She started to get offers from the entertainment world, and she started to participate in the beauty contest. Khan successfully became a finalist of Bikini contest in 2014, and she won Miss Glory Earth beauty contest in 2014.

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She lived her personal life in very controversial patterns, where she been in too many relationships. Khan relationships were never confirmed, and she never provided any evidence as well.

However, she proclaims that she was in a relationship with many superstars. But, she failed to provide any evidence, and they were no reply from the opposite side.

Arshi Khan Professional Life

Khan pursued her career in theatres and dancing, where she started to get little recognition from various entertainment producers and executives. Khan received many modelling offers from various executives, and she started to participate in a beauty contest.

Janab Ahsan Chishti: Khan successfully bagged a show Janab Ahsan Chishti in Bhopal, however, the show failed to attract the viewers. While doing modelling and small gigs in various entertainment shows, she started to make a name for herself.

MS Glory Earth Beauty Contest: She was one of the finalists in MS Glory Earth beauty contest in the year 2014. Khan made it to finals of Miss Bikini online contestant in 2014.

The Last Emperor: The winner of the beauty contest earned an opportunity. Khan was chosen to lead role in Indian 1st mainline Bollywood historical action film title The Last Emperor.

Malli Mishtu: She also worked in another film Malli Mishtu, but it was a low-budget film that did not get much attention. Malli Mishtu declared flop on the box office.

Bigg Boss 11: She received an offer from Big Boss season 11, and she got selected for the show. The interesting part is that the executives selected her because of the controversy she created outside. She became popular while in Big Boss 11, and she was one of the top 10 contenders.

Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Arshi Khan

Entertainment Ki Raat: She got invited to be part of the show for one episode.

Box Cricket League – Season 3: In the year of 2018, Arshi Khan participated in the Box Cricket League, but she couldn’t move far in the season.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: In the popular show, where she mesmerised the show with her appearance for one episode on Holi special.

Arshi Khan Actress Controversy

Pakistani Cricketer Afridi: In the year 2015 Arshi Khan posted that she was in a relationship with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Khan also said that she is pregnant with Afridi child. However, she could not prove any connection between her and Afridi relationship. The facts hit hard when people realised that she is not pregnant.

Arshi Khan & Shahid Afridi Relation

Arshi Khan coughs up: During Bigg Boss 11 host Salman Khan argued with Arshi Khan, where she confirms that that was all a fake. Khan could not provide any proof’s of her connection with the cricketer.

Radhe Maa Controversy (2015): Khan claimed that she got an offer from the controversial leader Radhe Maa and she asked her to join her prostitution ring. However, there was no word, or any response came from the end of Radhee Maa. The news media and social media did not cover the story much because Khan already pulled the stunt of lies in the past. The story was pretty much dead within few weeks, and it went down into the history.

Insulting Muslim Culture (2016): Khan pulled a stunt on her social media, and Hafiz Muhammad Saeed issued a fatwa against Arshi Khan. Khan posted photos of her in bikini outfit underneath a Hijab. It became a national incident, where she found guilty of insulting Muslim culture.

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Arrest (2016): Khan got arrested by the Pune police in a prostitution case, and she was released immediately because of lack of evidence.

Marriage: During the Indian actress Rehana Vasisth revealed that she has no connection with the cricketer. Vasisth also confirmed that Khan is married to a 50-year-man. However, she got divorced when she posted stories of her with Shahid Afridi.

Apart from the controversies, she is also facing legal battles for her involvement in Pune and Goa cases.

Net Worth of Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan Unseen Images, Photos and Pictures

Arshi Khan net worth is little to nothing as of now. She is growing within the industry, and soon she will make a mark in Bollywood.

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