At What Age to Buy a Child His First Smartphone?

Many parents think about the age at which you can buy a phone for your child and which model to choose: an inexpensive push-button or a fashionable smartphone.

Kids and smartphones


Undoubtedly, the ability to be always in touch with the child is an important condition for his safety. In addition, with the help of gadgets, children get access to online training programs, applications for communicating with friends and an array of useful information on the Internet.

But it is in the unhindered access to the global network is the main disadvantage. Nevertheless, the number of children receiving their own phone at an early age is increasing every year. About this conducted a lot of research, including the New York Times.

This question is not so easy to answer.

Up to 3 years, the child does not need a phone at all. A child with a phone in his hands can be seen already at the age of a year, or even earlier. Parents include funny songs, pictures, cartoons to distract and calm the baby.

Well, if mom and dad are allowed to play with the gadget over and over again, then after a while the child will begin to take it for granted and will demand his return. But at this age, to have a personal smartphone is simply useless.

At the age of 3–6, you can let your child use the telephone of the parents. With age, as well as the development of fine motor skills and mental processes, children learn to manage their own gage. They want bright colors, sounds, long minutes of gaming interaction with the phone.

Once again, an adult resolves, but at the age of 3, he may face impulsive resistance when trying to pick up the phone from a child. The kid considers the gadget to be his property, but at the age of 3-5 years, the smartphone is also not a necessity.

At 8–10 years old, you can buy your own baby phone. Moms and dads should take into account the peculiarities of the modern world, which dictates its own rules. If parents do not buy a phone for a child for a long time, considering it to be the source of all problems, this can lead to problems with acceptance in society.

Instead of isolating your baby from the virtual world, it is better to study the topic in detail and adjust parental control features to reduce your anxiety level. Indeed, it is the responsibility of the parent, including the task of teaching the child to face difficulties, solve them, and also to use modern technologies correctly.

Smartphone Users


No need to send children to your past, where everything was different. Life is changing, and it is worth learning to accept these changes, if not with ease, then at least without fear.

What are the alternatives?

If you want to protect your child from all the negative consequences of using a smartphone, but do not want to lose contact with him, pay attention to the phone watch for kids – this accessory will be really helpful and helps you to always be aware of where your child is.

Externally, such a smartwatch looks just like a stylish accessory. But they can do much more than just show the time or date. This is a device that will help you not only exchange voice messages with a child or talk to him but will also allow you to always be aware of the location of your son or daughter.

Such hours are working from a SIM-card with activated mobile Internet. Despite this, the child himself will not be able to go online from such hours. SIM-card with the Internet is needed in order to determine the location of the child by GPS. Data is transferred to the parent phone or available online.

Here are the reasons why smartwatch is really better than a smartphone.

  • If you want to always be in touch with the baby. This accessory is not discharged, it constantly transmits signals about the location of the baby to your smartphone or to a special web interface.
  • If you want to limit the child from wasting time on the Internet or social networks. Watches simply do not support this functionality.
  • And If you want to control the location of the baby and receive notifications when he is away from school or at home.
  • If you want your child to devote himself to the lessons of study, and not games or other not very useful leisure.
  • If you do not want to spend extra money on a smartphone that the child does not need yet.


Children up to 10 years should be developed without the influence of social media, communicate and play with friends along with the rest of the air. Apart from that, in children of the youngest child, the smartphone can cause a stroke, because they will be afraid of losing or collapsing the jumper.

But it is necessary to take into account the fact that every child of an individual is alone – that is, it is possible to use the phone before, and in some cases, it is better to pass by another year or another to enjoy the same room.

Before deciding to hand over the phone to your C-phone or change your day, think about its safety. It is obligatory to purchase the model of the last model. It is better than a child get purchase when buying a phone so he will understand what this value is and what needs to be learned by the dispatcher.

Special considerations can limit access to games, sites, many other functions, and regulations. It is also important to protect children’s body with anti-viral equipment and to protect them with the power of the device, or if they have no control, or if they have no control personnel.

Your child is committed to the fact that for him, and willingly for you, will be enforced by the specific conditions of using telephony. First of all, it is possible to limit the amount of time that it will pass with the gadget.

In this case, the specialists will coordinate the personal boundaries of the child without reading the mail and reading them without comprehending the search message on the Internet.

It is clear that you understand the child with the rules of the Internet. Tell him about the fact that it is not possible to place personal information on the Internet, which can be used by a third party for the sake of third-party profit.

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