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Understand How to Avoid the Misleading Marketing Tactics While Buying Mattress

The job of the sales person is to sell the mattress. Hence, they use various tactics to lure the customers and gain profit. However, this leads to shoppers sometimes getting duped by buying unreliable products paying high cost. Moreover, they endure varied difficulties when they have bought the required mattress believing the shopkeeper.

Marketing Tactics while Buying Mattress

They are:

  • Resale value – Like any other commodity after some years of usage you would like to replace the mattress with new one. When the old bedding is valued, the replaced value will be quite less than estimated.
  • In few months, the mattress starts sagging or becomes hard leading to experience uncomfortable feelings while using the mattress. Sometimes you may even have to endure health issues because of bad quality mattress.
  • You have paid more than your budget for substandard quality mattress. When you are not aware about the market rates of mattress, there are chances of you paying high cost for an old bedding or for inferior material used in the mattress.

Thus, to save yourself from such mistakes happening while purchasing the mattress for your home you need to know the false marketing policy used by shopkeepers.

Few misleading things that the sales executives tell while selling the mattress:

  • Every mattress present in the shop or online is a fresh product. Sometimes old beddings kept for display makes the outer appearance look like the new ones. To test whether it is new or old, ask the shop owner to provide details of its manufacturing period. Ask them the warranty period of the mattress. If they are ready to give more than a year guarantee for replacement and if the mattress does not get damaged in that period then it is new one.

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  • Tagged the product with high price. It often happens to gain maximum profit. Some shops do not have a fixed price, so the customer needs to bargain. This mode may sometimes prove profitable for the shopkeeper. Thus, it will be best to compare the price quotes of every kind of mattress available online as well as by browsing around in various shops.
  • Giving false information to the client. Providing false information favors good sales. To know whether it is false marketing tactics, you need to know all about the kind of mattress available in the market from home decor magazines and from online links that promotes the sale of mattress.

Armed with valuable tips by regular shoppers, you can avoid being deceived by the sales person.

Here are few tips:

few tips for mattress

  • Know the quality of material used for mattress cover and its filling. It will be best to gain correct information about the benefits and drawbacks of the material, thus when the salesperson gives false details about the material of the product you can find out about the false statements.
  • Note the quotes of different mattress from online sources and by visiting every top selling mattress store in your locality. This mode of comparison will help you to prepare the budget as well as know when the shopkeeper is tagging high price for their product.
  • Knowing your needs, measure the size of your bed and plan to buy one that fits your budget. Remember that any mattress even of high quality undergoes wear and tear gradually and in future needs to be replaced, thus buying best one at affordable price will be advantageous.
  • If you want to do online shopping, it will be beneficial to read the reviews posted by the previous customers. Make sure to read the blogs posted by interior decorators on sites promoting reliable sleeping accessories for your home.

It is important to check out all the showrooms to know the popular kind of mattress available and their price before finally purchasing an apt mattress.

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