Benefits And Challenges Of RV Living


There is nothing more exciting than happy holidays and vacationing with family. It is when you get closer and have the most excellent moments with your friends and family. Adventure is all about exploration and visiting new places with the people you love most.

Benefits And Challenges Of RV Living

Nothing hits the road better than an RV with folks and family. Throughout the years RV’ing grew immensely in the United States. An RV can be a place you call home. Most utilities found at home are in an RV. I am talking about a bed, kitchen section and even a bathroom.

If you are a person who loves moving around or wants to keep it low-key, then there is no other place to call home rather than in an RV. Yet again, RV living can be adventurous and fun, but it also has some setbacks. This article will look at some of the benefits and challenges one might get if you decide to make an RV your home.

Benefits of RV Living

Freedom of Movement.

Unlike a static house, an RV is a ‘house on wheels. There is no better home than an RV for somebody who loves to travel and explore. Imagine living next to a park or a lake, just you and nature, very beautiful. With an RV, you enjoy outdoor activities since your home is just right next to you.

You can grab want to grab a snack or a cold drink when it’s hot. Also, if you are not a family person, an RV is a perfect place for you to isolate yourself from society. If you feel like going to Vegas, then Vegas it is. If it’s Alaska or Arizona, you can move there with an RV. If you love adventure, get your RV today.

RV living is Cheaper than Other Housing Options.

Housing in many States in America is a problem that has rendered some people homeless while others are still struggling to pay rent. RV living is the best option if you are employed and make a few dollars. Imagine paying mortgages and bills in a state like New York, and you are a low-income earner.

With RV living, some of these bills are bygone, and you have an opportunity to save extra dollars. Even if you are paying rent or parking fees, RV living is cheaper than other housing options in the U.S.

RV Living is Peaceful.

Some neighborhoods in the country are precarious. It might be hard to sleep or walk around, especially if the community has gang-related activities. Some districts are safe, but the neighbors are a pain. With an RV and its versatility, you can choose where to call home.

Some people are just non-friendly and also like to be troublesome. If you are a person who wants peace, with an RV, you can quickly bid them goodbye.


When you live in an RV, the probability that you will interact with people of different races is very high. With many other people owning RVs, you can even have your community. Not only do you interact with people, but there is a high chance you will have an opportunity to see a lot of wildlife moving around the country.

Many people in America tend to mind their business. But while on the road or camping site, it’s easier to meet and make new friends since you share the same ideology.

You Can Sell It Anytime You Want

Suppose you happen to have an emergency or have grown tired of living in an RV; it’s way easier to sell it than a house. Unlike homes, RVs are very precious, and many people want to own them, especially for family trips and vacations.

Hence if the urge to live the road has caught up with you, you can sell your RV since there are no bottleneck restrictions for selling your property.

Personal Development

An RV can be your therapy room. Living in an RV makes you learn a lot in life. With the adventures, interactions, and movements, you can have private space in your RV to meditate about your life goals. The tiny space you have by yourself will make you better choices if you act wisely.

You can rent it if you want

Your RV can fetch you some cash at times if you are not in town. You can rent it and earn some extra dollars, or instead lease it out to a company for tourism purposes. The extra cash can help you renovate or polis your RV.

Challenges of RV Living

We all know that there is nothing sweet that comes without some minor setbacks. Here are some of the challenges that come with living in an RV.

Limited Space.

Unlike a house, an RV has everything in one place. You cook, go to the bathroom where you sleep, and call your living room. Hence if you have a lot of things and consider living in an RV, it might be a challenge since it’s something designed to carry few belongings.

Limited Social Amenities.

Living in an RV means you might hit the road anytime. This movement, at times, can hinder you from accessing necessary social amenities like health care. There is no way a doctor can reach you if you are in an isolated place. Attending a ceremony means that you have to drive there, and at times it can be hectic.

Cost of Repair

While on the road, your RV might break down. An accident is smoothing that might happen. And in case it does, many dollars will come out of your pocket since you will pay for towing and the general repair of your RV, which can sometimes be very expensive depending on the model and the State you call home.

Bad Weather.

Whether as a natural phenomenon is also one of the significant challenges you can experience if you own an RV. Imagine being stuck somewhere because of heavy rains or snow. Sometimes the sun can be scorching, making it difficult to stay inside. Thunderstorms might also rumble, and you might incur some losses if it hits your RV.


Insecurity is always cautious about when living in an RV. Not everybody you meet in a parking lot is friendly. Also, you might encounter bandits if you are on isolated highways or areas. Unlike a house, you can even lose your RV since it can be driven away by thieves.

Parking fees

Getting a parking lot for your RV can be tedious and expensive in some cities and towns. The police in some towns or cities charge a certain amount per hour in some places. The camping grounds might be challenging to find on other sites, and the police might clamp your RV.


Before thinking of living in an RV, it’s good to evaluate this type of lifestyle’s long-term and short-term benefits. Life in an RV is sweet and adventurous but needs proper planning and decision.

If you love living wild and free, there is no better home than an RV. Nothing is more endearing in this life than your happiness since we only live once. For more fun, make an RV your home today.

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