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The Best (And Worst) Advice You Can Hear About Thrive DFT

If you’ve ever contemplated getting into the Le-Vel Thrive Experience, there’s a good chance that at least some of your deliberation was about the Thrive DFT (sometimes erroneously also called the Thrive Patch).

That’s to be expected – the Thrive DFT is making a significant splash in the health, fitness, and wellness worlds, and has earned more than its fair share of attention. But sitting smack-dab in the middle of the spotlight isn’t always a good thing; there’s a lot of information, opinions, and advice floating around about DFT, and not all of it is accurate.

THRIVE DFT - Derma Fusion Technology

Ready to peel away the rumors? Here, I’ll be sharing the four best (and three worst) pieces of advice I’ve heard about Thrive DFT, starting with why you shouldn’t call DFT a “Thrive Patch.”

Good Advice: Don’t Call It a “Thrive Patch”

Even among Thrivers, sometimes people get lazy and call the DFT a “Thrive Patch.” Why is this a problem? Because the Thrive DFT isn’t a patch – at least not in the way that many people think it is.

DFT stands for derma fusion technology and is a new and patented technology that functions differently from traditional transdermal patches. Recognizing this difference will help ensure that you use the DFT the way it was intended and that you have the right expectations in place before you get started.

Bad Advice: Don’t Bother with the Other Steps

The Thrive DFT is certainly exciting. After all, you just slap the foam adhesive on your skin and let Le-Vel’s unique THRIVE Lifestyle formula do the rest. But no part of the Thrive Experience exists in a vacuum; the DFT is only one step in a three-step process, and that means that if you want the full benefits you’re going to need to do the full program.

Starting your day with two Thrive capsules (with different formulas for men and women) and following those with a Thrive shake is just as important as applying the DFT – each step works together to fill your nutritional gaps and provide your body with the nutrients and support it needs to function at its best. Without the first two steps, you’re only getting part of the solution.

Good Advice: Follow the Instructions

These aren’t Flintstone vitamins; the Thrive DFT is an extremely sophisticated health supplementation technology that is designed to operate in a specific way with your natural body chemistry. So, when you open up your Thrive package, the very first thing you need to do is sit down and read the instructions.

I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again: If you don’t use Thrive DFT as directed, you can’t expect to enjoy the same benefits. So, become familiar with all of the dos and don’ts of Thrive DFT, and never deviate from the proscribed usage.

Bad Advice: Make DFTs Last Longer

The Thrive Experience is an investment, and although it’s not nearly as pricey as some wellness programs, it’s also not free. As such, it’s understandable that some Thrive users would want to stretch their dollar as far as possible by using their DFTs longer than recommended.

Unfortunately, each DFT is only designed to last for about 24 hours – after that, it’s best to apply a new DFT to a clean, dry area.

There are also other reasons to replace your DFT every 24 hours: Leaving the adhesive on the same area of your skin may lead to irritation, possibly including itching or swelling. Simply put, follow the directions provided by Le-Vel Thrive – patches of sore skin aren’t any fun.

Good Advice: Make Exercise a Part of Your Routine

One of the best things about the Thrive DFT is that it’s designed with activity in mind! The adhesive foam plaster will remain on your skin through all different kinds of strenuous and athletic activity and is even water-resistant enough to stay with you in the pool. Take advantage of this, and incorporate fitness into your own personal Thrive experience.

When working in conjunction with the rest of the three-step program, Thrive DFT promotes healthy joint function, offers lean muscle support, and provides a boost to both mood and energy (among other things), making it the perfect accessory while you work out. Setting and keeping a regular exercise routine is key to healthy living and hitting your wellness goals.

Bad Advice: Don’t Change Your Eating Habits

DFT supports appetite management, so you shouldn’t feel quite as much urge to snack. But sometimes we don’t eat because we’re hungry; we eat because we’re bored or because it’s a habit – like having a snack every day at a certain time.

If you follow through on the first two steps, put on your DFT, and then still spend hours on end shoveling chips into your mouth, you may not see the change you’re looking for with the Thrive Experience.

Take advantage of the weight management capabilities of Thrive and use your experience as an opportunity to develop healthier eating habits. This will give your body the chance to make the most out of your improved nutritional supplementation.

And, as you might expect, once you’re able to move past mindless snacking, that’s when weight management becomes a whole lot easier.

Good Advice: Be Patient

The Thrive DFT really is an impressive new technology, and I recommend that everyone give it a try. But it’s not magic. It takes time to work, and while there may be some who feel better quickly, most of us will probably have to wait a little bit longer before the Thrive Experience takes full effect.

Sticking with the full 60-day challenge will give you the time you need to fully evaluate just what kind of a difference Thrive is making in your life.

The good news is that the Thrive DFT (and the rest of the Thrive Experience) is easy to use and takes only a minimal daily time commitment. Take some capsules, drink a shake, put on a DFT and you’re done – most people take care of the entire process within 30 minutes of waking up. So, stick it out, and in time, you’ll feel better, look better, and have a better handle on your nutrition.

The Thrive DFT is certainly worth talking about, but just remember that not everything everyone says is on the level. When used correctly, it can play an important role in helping you get your health on track.

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