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Best Tracker Apps You Should Know About

You have your bike and you want to make the most of it for a healthy and happy phase in life. Yes, such as knowing your heart rate or the pace on your specific day and many more.

Based on the purpose of using of your bike be it for exercises or simply deriving enjoyment, there are bike tracker apps to give you a head start for an exciting, refreshing and awesome way of life.

Let’s Take a Look at the best bike tracker apps

GPS Phone Tracker Apps

1] Cycle Map

The app helps you to track routes and also you can search for the places to hire a bike for yourself. In short, it is a heaven for people “on the move”, such as travelers.

Yes, you can easily borrow a bike and the app lets you track routes and you can search for places of your interest while you are travelling.

2] Map My Ride

How about a map which enhances and improve your performance and gives you awesome results for the efforts you put in? Well, an app which is quite a promising and favored one for athletes.

Yes, it doesn’t let you to be alone as you have a great way of creating a network base with so many likeminded individuals towards ensuring a better and promising health.

3] Cyclemeter GPS

This app will let you furnish every bit of what a well structured app can potentially be associated with. Yes, there will be chart with training programs along with routes and rides to give you a loaded help, like the way you want.

4] Endomondo

While getting a specific and close monitoring of your route and how you are progressing is certainly very much needed, but you equally need something extra. Yes, “Inspiration” or “motivation” on regular basis to keep yourself on toes and to work on your path with the same vigor and zeal.

This is where Endomondo comes in the picture. It basically lets you achieve your goals with a greater adrenalin rush while you never divert yourself from your path too.

There is an audio which recharges yourself while informing you about important things such as your distance, duration, calories, heart rate, pace etc. It also comes with “Pep Talks” where you hear personalized messages from friends to create another level of motivational phase, while on the move.

Safe mechanism to adopt for a bike

You can only be able to use the app, if your bike is secured from evil eyes and for that you need to use bike gps tracker. Yes, safety mechanism is equally important for your bike for a long, happy and awesome phase. After all, you are the owner of a new bike and you are happy and enthusiastic to the core.

Bicycle Gps Tracker

However, think for a moment, as to what will happen to you, if it gets stolen? Well, that would be the biggest nightmare for you. Isn’t it? You can’t even think about the phase, if you unfortunately go through it. Hence, as a result, it is important to be “safe than sorry” and device ways to get the best possible assistance.

If you seem to be relaxed with “alarm” in the bike that it will save you from worst conditions, then think again. Yes, in such an advanced world, even thieves are highly sophisticated where they know an easy way out to unlock those sort of devices or to de-activate them.  This is where the role of bike gps tracker comes to play.

You love your bike and now it is the time to actually care for it as well, like the way it deserves. The aforesaid apps give you a solid start to your life where your activities can be strategized in a systematic manner. Likewise, you can heave a sigh of relief with the safety mechanism you have adopted too.

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