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Top Cannabis Stocks – The Best Marijuana Stocks For 2020

Brightest Spot in the Investing Industry.

It can almost be taken for granted these days that we live in a world where free trade is a right, a well-respected right that our ancestors fought and died to protect and obtain. When we look inwards to ourselves and ask where the next huge investment opportunity of this generation is, we should take the importance of these words to heart.

The United States of America’s domestic policy has stifled potential investment progress in multiple areas of our economy. This has led to the systematic disenfranchisement of an entire generation of young Americans.

Marijuana Stocks - Top Cannabis Stocks

Luckily, we live in a democratic nation and our government has heard the voice of those who stood up against the injustice of the criminal justice system.

The net effect was also to unleash one of the largest and most powerful economic forces of our lifetime. It is not often an entire industry that is brought from the black market to the light. While it was illegal before, it was still a huge economic force in its own right.

Cannabis is today’s new great investment opportunity. With the loosening of laws and regulations around the country and the likelihood of it going to be made federally legal higher than at any other point in history, it holds a chalice filled to the brim with opportunity ripe for the picking.

The Economic Revolution of Cannabis

The economy of the United States has been built off of trade between trusting and accountable business parties since its inception. The way that the entire marijuana industry was criminalized in the past led to the creation of an elegant industry. We now have the option to look at medical marijuana stocks to buy.

Neither the time nor the money was made available to those who were interested in the cannabis industry to ever fully meet the demand from only the black markets. The new law system has opened the flood gates on a world of investments full of potential.

Now, America can stand free to the world and display her flag proudly once again as the forces of the free market work to create nature’s perfect economic equilibrium. If this is the natural way of things, then you might as well make a serious profit by investing in some of the top cannabis industry companies in North America.

1] Altria Growth

According to The Motley Fool, this is the perfect portfolio option for the savvy investor that is looking to accomplish two things at the same time. One, they want to find a way to get their foot in the door of the cannabis industry in their investment portfolio. Two, they are also looking for an easy way to reliably increase the total amount that their portfolio is worth.

Dividends are an easy way to go about accomplishing that. Altria Growth is known for touting one key market metric on its side. It has some of the highest paying dividends in the entire financial market. This means owning a piece of this company will quite literally pay.

2] Molson Coors Brewing

Some of the more standard institutional advice you may receive when it comes to investing is to ignore the stocks that are not worth enough. You are told that these probably represent companies that are on the way out the door or worthless.

Remember that stock value is calculated in a lot of ways and just because the overall price for a stock is quite low it does not tell you anything about the performance of the underlying company other than that people agree its stock is not worth much.

Molson Coors Brewing is one of the best options out there for the investor that is looking for a cheap stock to buy that will actually produce some seriously good results over the years.

3] CannTrust

CannTrust has the possibility to be by far the best performing company on the list if it were not for a few small details. This company has been on the front line of the legal cannabis industry ever since it was established.

They have had a few scandals in the last few years that have held the company back from breaking past their current barriers and moving up to the next level.

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