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7 Instagram Tricks and Tips You Should Know

Cool Instagram Tips 2019: Instagram, which is a famous photo sharing app, has come up with many changes. As everyone know that lot of users sing up, there will be as many changes possible because more apps will get created.

It takes few time in order to keep their changes, and that’s the reason we have collected the Some, Instagram tips and tricks which would help you on the Instagram.

Best Instagram Tips and Tricks 2019

Without being insisted to post your picture onto your Instagram, do you want to use the Instagram filters and as well don’t want videos {Instagram} to be uploaded automatically, want to ignore but don’t know how?

Here will let you know without block off all communication how you can do it… scroll down to know more about it.

1. Send photos to selected people.

Sometimes you may have some photos which you will not be keep in order to post your feed, in such a case you can just, share them to a few selected one with ‘direct’.

The features enables you to share the picture with about 15 people, and like normal way they can comment on the photo. The items can be deleted as these shared photos can’t turn up in the search.

Send photos to selected people

Send photos to selected people

When you are at the share to page, simple select direct as to use Instagram direct. It will be next to the Followers located at the top.

The next step is you have to select the recipients by clicking into the TO space and type their name and just end of by selecting the send option. You need to move the tray icon which is present at the top right of homepage. It’s very simple Instagram tricks.

2. Ignore Messages from people

Sometimes you may experience few friends who continuously share every picture as many as possible then there is a strong need to block them. If you are socially having a moral duty to attend and interact them, then, instead of blocking you can go for ignore option.

Ignore Messages from people

Ignore Messages from people

IN order to ignore the direct posts from such people, you have to move to the trap icon which you can see at the top of the home page.

If its I phone then tap on the horizontal three-dot button and vertical for android one. Then you have to select ignore all posts from this user.

3. Add hashtags after postings

It happens sometimes few people after posting their photo and forget to put in the hash tag, in the caption and will realize it late in such case, here you can still add the hashtag by adding them in the comments. Your photo will still be visible when people search the hashtags(#) you have been used.

When you share the exact photo on other social account, the feature also has an advantage of deleting dreadful hashtag paras.

Add hashtags after postings

Add hashtags after postings

4. Hide or Remove Tagged Photos of you

Today each and every one use tagging option to get more publicity.. In some such conditions where we get embarrass by getting tagged in such kind of photos, its shows in your profile page as Photos of you.

If you don’t want them to see other. There is an option with the help of it you can hide them. Check the steps to hide or remove tagged photos of you.

Hide or Remove Tagged Photos of you

Hide or Remove Tagged Photos of you

  1. Firstly tap the photo which you want to hide it.
  2. After tapping on the photo Instagram handle will appear.
  3. Then tap on handle, a menu will pop-up.
  4. In the menu you will see option Hide from my profile.
  5. Using this option you can hide the photos, if you want to be get tagged in any photos just go to more option, then go for Remove me from photos.
  6. That’s it you will get rid of all.

Some people don’t want to remove tagged photos one by one, there is option with the help of it you can adjust your settings to review them first. All you have to do is go to photos of you click on your settings at the right corner of top, select Add Manually option.

5. Share your Photos after Posting

If you have posted photos of your on Instagram and don’t want to share it on other social networking platforms, but if you want to share it then? Don’t worry you can still share it later also.

Share your Photos after Posting

Share your Photos after Posting

For that you have to tap the 3 dots at the bottom of the photo.

Then select the option share and select the social media which you want to share. For example if you want to share on twitter, then the photo URL will appear as you tweet in compose, then you will come to know when you hit character limit of 140.

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Wrapping words

Guys so far we have discuss about the Useful Instagram tips and tricks, if you have any kind of Relevant information do share in your comments, Stay tune for more updates .

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