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Best Iphone And Ipad Apps For College Students

It is not always easy being a student especially a college student. College life brings a lot of overwhelming situations along with fun.

You have a lot of pending assignments and presentations to do and need master thesis writing service to complete them. A lot of revisions and deadlines to be thinking about. So, in case, if you have iPhone or iPad, you are saved.

Best iPad Apps For College Students

Iphone And Ipad Apps For College Students

There are several apps introduced by iPad and iPhone that can help you focus on your study, will help to turn in assignments on time, will help you in presenting your work, and will be helpful during online classes.

iTunes U

This app will allow you to have some access to supplemental learning materials without the need to go to college. It will allow you to access a large number of informational content in the public curriculum from various museums, cultural institutions, schools, and universities with lots of free content available to the public. It also offers you to view your grade, have discussions with your class fellows, turn in your assignments, etc.

MS Office 365

Those who are MS office users now can get MS office from the App store as well. This app will allow you to have access to MS Excel, PowerPoint, and word, etc. in a single app.

With help of this, you can get your work done in no time either using a single app or in collaboration with others for free.

MS OneNote

OneNote is considered to be a marvelous proxy for Evernote users. It allows you to form an unlimited number of digital notebooks for all courses so that you can make notes in a detailed and organized way.

It offers you various features like to type or write notes, sketch or import diagrams and sticky notes feature for reference that is synced to all of your devices.


It’s difficult to beat Evernote when it comes to digital notes. It is available on every OS. Its features include easy organization of notes consisting of photos, web snippets or pages, formatted or plain text with seamless syncing.


It is a good cloud storing service that allows you to have access to your uploaded files and documents on any device. Dropbox offers you a seamless integration in association with already present 3rd-party apps. It is flexible in choosing apps to get your work done.

Pages, keynotes, and numbers

When dealing with spreadsheet applications, presentation creators, or word processors, no software can be compared to personal suites of Apple’s office software, if you are an iPhone user.

Pages which is Apple’s word processor provides a sleeker interface doing the same things as MS word but in an easy way. A keyword is similar to MS excel but is more streamlined and enjoyable.

Screens VNC

Unlike Dropbox that provides services like access to our files from any device, Screens VNC provides a service allowing you to be connected to your computer at any time from any part of the world.

With the help of this service, you can update your computer, work with software, and can have access to files that are not even on the cloud even if you are away from the computer. You just have to download Screens VNC and connect to it by creating an account.


If you are doing maths problems, iPhone can offer you a very advanced calculator (PCalc) that is capable of doing calculations of basics to advanced expressions.

It offers a multi-line display along with optional RPN, unit conversions, binary calculations, hexadecimal support, scientific and experimental notations, multiple redos and undo, constants, paper tape, and customizable button layouts.

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