5 Of the Best Jewellery Organizers

Whether your jewellery comes from an earring subscription box, department store, or straight from the jeweller, you’ll want to keep it clean and, of course, organized. Nothing is more frustrating than looking for a piece of jewellery in a jumbled mess that was shoved into a drawer.

Best Jewelry Organizers

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Thin necklaces become entangled, rings get lost, and things just become chaotic. Take back control of your organization and your jewellery with these five jewellery organizers.

1] Langria Lockable Jewellery Cabinet

If you’re looking for an organization that’s both discreet and secure, look no further than the Langria Lockable Jewellery Cabinet; available on Amazon and Langria.

This full-length mirror looks like nothing more than a mirror upon first glance, but look closer, and you’ll find that the mirror actually doubles as a locking jewellery cabinet!

With massive amounts of storage space for around 100 earrings, 18 necklaces, 84 ring slots, and even eleven larger storage compartments for bigger items (like watches) this is truly the end-all of jewellery cabinets. The discreet look will not only save you space but also keep unwanted visitors (or thieves) at bay.

You’re probably thinking, “that sounds great, but how much is it?” For just $109 on Amazon, you can secure this secure and discreet jewellery storage system with free delivery if you have Amazon Prime. You simply can’t get a better deal than this for a full-size, standing/locking jewellery storage cabinet!

2] Love-Kankei Jewellery Tree

For a more simplistic and less discreet jewellery organization option, you can opt for the Love-Kankei Jewellery Tree. This three-tier modern jewellery hanger sports a wooden base and sleek T-shaped hanging rods for all of your favorite jewellery. Hang necklaces, bracelets, watches, or even rings with ease with this easy to use system.

The system is large enough to hold several pieces of jewellery, while still being small enough to fit on top of a dresser or nightstand.

This option is better suited for those who like to see all of their jewellery at once (and maybe display it a bit to show it off?) before making a decision. The open-air design leaves nothing to the imagination and shows off the best parts of all of your favorite jewellery.

The site actually offers several variations of this design under their “jewelry organizers” category here. Prices range from about $11 to around $20, making these organizers not only sleek and practical but affordable as well.

3] Jack Cube Design Stackable Leather Jewellery Trays

Jewellery trays take the hassle out of storing your jewellery in drawers or closets by providing dedicated storage space for all of your pieces. You don’t want just any jewellery trays, though.

Some are made from cheap materials that won’t help protect your jewellery and can even damage it over time! In this case, you’ll want the Jack Cube Design Stackable Leather Jewelry Tray.

This set of four trays allows for plenty of storage capacity and organization, while its stackable material allows for maximum space-saving. The careful and delicate design of the interior jewelry compartments will ensure your jewels stay safe and undamaged for the duration of their storage life.

You can stack these trays virtually anywhere; on a shelf, in a drawer, or even in your closet. Lightweight yet durable, these are must-haves for jewelry lovers who like keeping their jewels organized.

4] Kendra Scott Earring Ladder

An earring ladder is a perfect way to store and organize your earrings, and Kendra Scott has the perfect one for you! You can order this organization system in either Rose Gold, Antique Silver, or Plated Brass (the silver and gold options are simply plated over the brass underneath). For $90, you can have the perfect system for storing your earrings in a stylish yet convenient way.

Best of all, the organizer has excellent reviews and is backed by the incredible customer service that The Kendra Scott online store has to offer. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing low-end jewellery storage systems when you can have a beautiful organizer for less than the cost of your winter gas bill!

Kendra Scott also sells other jewellery storage items and even fine jewellery! From diamonds and gold to sterling silver, you’ll find plenty to fill your earring ladder up with.

5] Umbra Trigem Three-Tier Hanging Stand

For those that don’t want a jewelry box or stackable storage containers, there’s the Umbra Trigem Three-Tier Hanging Stand. This sleek three-tiered system is both attractive and practical, providing a jewellery storage option that won’t break the bank. The base doubles as a storage dish, adding even more storage to this incredibly spacious design.

You can store just about anything on the Trigem Jewellery Stand. From watches to rings to necklaces and bracelets of all shapes and sizes. The entire setup costs only $20, so you’ll be able to store and display your favorite pieces for less than a week’s worth of coffee, and that’s something we can get behind.

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