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Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Payment Services 2022

Top PayPal Alternatives to make payment online for Bloggers. PayPal was launched in the year 1999 which was used by some talented developers and serious venture capitalists only back then.

But now, PayPal has become one of the most popular household names. So, are you looking for the PayPal alternative? What are PayPal alternatives? Do you think that there is anything good like PayPal?

PayPal Alternatives- Make Online Payments

Paypal alternatives for sending money

The PayPal alternatives are the services which work with the similar effects to PayPal including sending and receiving money online for any purpose and to anybody. Such purposes include payment for the online purchases, money transfers and other e-commerce payment solution.

We not only have a single PayPal alternative available which is the best in all cases because the right option depends on your requirements, your needs.

PayPal is a global service and thus, its real alternative must be a global too. So, here today, I will be talking about the top 10 services to make your online payments that are the PayPal Alternatives.

Additionally, there are a number of regional as well as local payment processors as well, but if you have the international clients, then those are not of much use.

Alternatives To PayPal For International Online Transactions

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is one of the best PayPal alternatives which we have. It was formerly known as the Google Checkout and has a global reach. This service really does a good job for both business and personal payments, though it doesn’t have all the PayPal features.

It has got a reasonable fee and is free for sending money from the Google Wallet account or bank account. It charges 2.9% fee while sending money using the credit card and is free for receiving and transferring money to your bank account.  Presently, Google Wallet is only available in the US, but soon it will be made available in 125 countries.


After Google Wallet, Skrill is a popular PayPal alternative which is formerly known as Moneybookers. Yes, it is a global service, but mainly targets U.K and few other European countries because of the favorable merchant fees. This alternative is even accepted by the top service providers and the websites for sending money.

It is really easy to use service which helps in transferring the account balance directly onto the prepaid debit card with a simple few clicks. It has a low fees charge for personal transfers but varies from country to country.


Payoneer is a similar service to other services, but what makes it stand out from other services is that you get a virtual US account. So, it is really beneficial for the people who are not from US but want to get their money into a US bank account. It is not a cheap service.

It does charge $29.95 annually, ATM withdrawal costs is $3 and there are transaction fees as well which depends on the location and volume. Despite its high fee charges, Payoneer has managed to become one of the most popular PayPal alternatives.


The Stripe service is specifically for the businesses and independent sellers. It can be used for accepting the payments for the services and goods which you sell. You can even receive money from various other payment methods, including the credit cards.

It does accept over 80 different currencies and is considered to be a secure way for receiving the card payment details from the browsers. It even helps in receiving money from the mobile devices and even accepts another type of payments including Android Pay and Apple Pay as well as charges a minimal commission fee of 2.9%.


In simple words, we can say that Dwolla is a complete package because it is not only used for sending and receiving money personally but even used for receiving the business payments as well. It even helps in sending funds to the Twitter followers, email addresses, LinkedIn connections, and phone numbers.

Dwolla used their MassPay feature for processing the payments in a matter of seconds. As compared to PayPal and its other alternatives, it is not widely used service and even can’t be linked to the credit, debit cards or bank accounts.

Alternatives to PayPal


WePay is the first best and the only option for the crowdfunding sites and small business owners. If you are not an advanced technology user, then it is recommended to use this PayPal alternative. It is a perfect way for accepting the payments on the business site without redirecting people. And for this purpose, WePay introduced a virtual terminal as well.

The best thing about WePay is that it accepts all the liabilities in case of a fraud and makes it easy for the business owners to accept the payments directly on the website without any hassles. This service can only be used for the people who have a US billing address with a social security number. It even charges a minimal commission fee of 2.9%.

Amazon Payments

Amazon is the online retail giant which comes up with its service, Amazon Payments, quiet a perfect PayPal alternative which is easy and simple to use. This service is used easily for storing the payment methods as well as the shipping address using the Amazon account.

They even have their own WebPay service which helps in sending and receiving money easily. It is a completely free service and seamlessly combines the Amazon Pay account with the Amazon account. It is a trusted household name and uses the best encryption techniques for keeping the information safe. The merchants have to pay minimal charges of 2.9%.


As compared to other PayPal alternatives, Square works differently. It gives a card reader when you sign up for the service which has to be plugged in into the headphone jack of the mobile device you own.

The merchants can easily set up their online store and the customers can use Square for making the online payments using the Apple Pay account or card. It charges 2.75% commission charge and is currently available only in Canada and US.


What I can say is that 2Checkout is a partial alternative to PayPal. And the reason is that this service doesn’t allow people to transfer money. In fact, it is one of the best services for processing the transactions while selling items online. This service does support 8 payment methods including PayPal, Visa, PIN, MasterCard, JCB Debit cards.

It works with 26 currencies and can be easily integrated with various shopping carts. It charges 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction (US users) and 5.5%+$0.45 (other users). This service uses EFT for automatic fund release as well as smartphone applications for keeping the track of the numbers.


Selz is a great alternative to PayPal for the small businesses and merchants because it helps in accepting the payments from the customers. It is one of the most suitable choices for the bloggers and freelancers who sell products or services through their websites.

This service is being used by numerous web-based professionals and bloggers. It is the best service for selling digital products and allows the users to transfer the amount to PayPal or bank account. It charges 5%+$0.25 per transaction.

Wayback Machine Alternatives

Though there are plenty more PayPal alternatives, yet there is no perfect replacement. PayPal is the best option available for making the online payments.

And if you happen to completely eliminate it, and then it might be possible that none of your partners or clients will follow you. So, it is important to make the right choice. Choose the right service for your needs.

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