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11 Best Shoes To Wear This Summer

It is no secret that the last year has put a stop to many fashionista peeps buying or wearing trendy outfits. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has caused many people to live off their lives staying indoors. As a result, the urge to upgrade the closet with fashionable outfits has fallen dramatically low.

Best Summer Shoes for Women

Best Summer Shoes for Women

However, one thing is for sure. The ease of lockdown restrictions and the start of vaccination in 2023 offers fashion followers to unleash their love for following the latest fashion trends.

So are you ready to step out of your home space but finding it difficult about which summer shoes to pair with your outfit? No need to worry. Below is the compilation of stylish and comfortable footwear trends for 2023.


Do you think the trend of kitten heels is over in the summer season of the current year? That might not be true. Thanks to designer brands for bringing these cute heels back this year in fashion. These are an excellent choice of shoes for girls who have trouble wearing high heels.

You can pair these heels with tee-shirts and jeans or finish off your breezy summer dress outfit with these low-heels. Since they are just a step up from flat sandals, you can comfortably walk with these heels in the summer. Moreover, the outsole of these delicate heels is of plant-based foam, making them easy to wear this summer.


Are you in search of some cool yet comfy shoes? If that is the case, then platform sandals can be your go-to option this year. Whether you opt to wear a denim shirt or casual sundress, you can pair your dress with comfy multi-colored platforms.

These platforms are enough to draw the attention of people as you walk by the road. So, buckle up the straps and elevate your height and self-esteem with these printed platforms in spring and summer.


While it may seem unlikely, the causal rubber-made flip-flops are trending this year for summer fashion. A better option is to step out wearing a black color flip-flop to blend it with a different colored dress and give yourself a chic look.

Pair these retro shoes with a sexy summer dress to give yourself a classy yet stylish look. You can also nail your look with sheer socks. Wear these comfortable and easy-to-wear sandals at homes, beaches, or any outdoor gathering.


Although clogs remain in and out of fashion, many runways show proved clogs are one of the prominent summer and spring 2023 footwear trends this year. So, slip on the sleek-styled polish shoes this summer for significant events or daily wear.

Put on your baggy trousers and oversized shirt, and pair the outfit with chic clogs to give yourself a boho-style look. Since the materials used to design clogs include leather or wooden soles, these high-quality shoes have high durability.

You can either go with high-heeled, wedge-styled, or flat clogs, depending on your occasion. Furthermore, you can pick black or saddle brown colored clogs to wear all year round.


Dive yourself into the latest shoe trend for 2023 with the hybrid sneakers. The best part about sneakers is they can never be out-of-date. Thus, hybrid sneakers are here to stay for a long time. It is a perfect combo of both comfort footwear and glam.

You can go with monochromatic colors such a white or black. Or give yourself a badass look by going with bold colors such as red. Try these hybrid sneakers with a leather jacket, slim-fit trousers, jeans, tee-shirts, etc., to give yourself a sporty feeling.


Keep your summer-style game on point this year with gladiators. While all types of sandals are suitable footwear for summer, gladiators remain ahead of the curve. The ancient Greek and roman gladiator sandals are some of the most fashionable sandals of all.

You can pair this glamorous footwear with a wide range of outfits such as miniskirts, tops, maxi, jeans, etc. While they may look luxurious, in all honesty, they are comfortable to wear. You can try longer strapped gladiators to lengthen the size of your legs.


Let’s face it; nothing is more comfortable and soothing than wearing large-sized cozy slippers. Many shoe brands promote the comfortability level of slippers in their fashion shows, such as Balenciaga, Rosetta Getty, etc.

The best part is chances are you might have some soft-colored and furry slippers at your home since last year. Therefore, bring out these comfortable, all-time favorite footwear and explore the earth with your cozy slippers in 2023.


The chain game is not strong only for necklaces and earrings. Thick chains with soft shoes are must-have shoes in your closet this summer. Pay attention to chained shoes and give yourself the feeling of minimalist, short-heeled, and stylish chained footwear.

Don’t underestimate the power of the golden or silver sparkly chain that is trending these days. You can get comfortability and simplicity with this chained footwear. Moreover, you can give yourself more style by wrapping a chained anklet or bracelet.


Do you wish not to burden your feet with high-heeled pointed stilettos and layers of straps? No worries, spend a fortune to enjoy your date night with minimalist strappy heels. They are also perfect footwear to wear at the workplace; pair it up with jeans or wide pants.

These barely strapped heels are an ideal balance between aesthetic look and easy-to-wear footwear. The straps around the ankle can give your beautiful curves a sexy look. Try going for either any vibrant or metallic color.


Let’s see the resurge of the 90’s shoe trend with mules this summer. They can appeal to the eyes because they have no straps, laces and are open at the back or sometimes from toes.

You can pair these unique styled shoes with maxi or jeans. Give yourself a boss lady look by pairing low-heeled pointed mules along with a long black jacket and fitted pants.


Are you seeking androgynous shoes that are stylish as well as comfortable? Look no other than square toe shoes. You can pull off fashion through this classy footwear, wearing them as short heels, boots, or loafers.

The geometrically shaped tips are enough to make you feel both sober and elegant. The 90’s narrative of square-toe shoes is a perfect balance for work and weekend get-togethers.


From comfortable and cute flip-flops to stylish heels and quintessential mules, there is a myriad of shoe trends you can choose from this summer.

However, make sure your shoes match your outfit and are fit for the type of occasion. Although, it’s nearly impossible to fill your shoe closet with each one of these. However, a best practice is setting your eyes on footwear that gives you the best of both worlds; comfortability and style.

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