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Top 10 Best Sites to Watch Anime/Cartoons Online for Free

Top 10 websites to watch free anime or cartoons online. From our childhood to our old age we all love to watch cartoons or anime, these are the best way utilizing your time if you are free or alone in home. There are a lot of cartoon channels and more than enough cartoon and anime serials.

In childhood every child loves to watch any cartoon or anime whether it is on Pogo or Cartoon Network or any other network. actually cartoons/animes are the childhood love for children’s. What if one day suddenly your Television didn’t turn on and your child or even small brother didn’t ate food because he was missing his cartoons what will you do. You can use these listed best sites to watch anime / cartoons online for free.

Top Sites to Watch Cartoon or Anime Online Free

Watch Anime Online

Watch Cartoon or Anime Online

List of Sites to Watch Anime Online


Hulu is a great website for watching anime/cartoons online. Hulu is known for its video quality as well as having huge database helps it to attracts visitors from around the globe, but still its not available in all locations but you can access to hulu using a VPN. In hulu you will not find any Ads specifically.

GoGo Anime

GoGo Anime is also a great app for streaming anime/cartoons online for free. Unlike Hulu it is available in all the locations in globe and is easy accessible. This website has many cartoon channels as well as cartoon serials too. This website also has an android app for their android users, you can find it on google play store as well as on any search engine too.

Anime Freak

Anime Freak is a website connected with most of the channels live casting shows. This website must look little disorganised at first which actually it is but finding any serial or show via search option makes it good and easy for finding any show.

Anime Crazy

Anime Crazy is also a great source for watching cartoon online. It casts many popular cartoon shows like naruto, wonder momo, etc. But sometimes their servers are inaccessible due to too many request in that case clearing you cache would regain your access to the website.

Anime Season

Anime Season is a great website for watching animes or cartoons online. As like many other sites, this website is also well polished and have a great interface with ease of finding any show using the sidebar and search option available on the website with a navigation bar at the top.

Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Anime or Cartoon Online


AnimeHere is really an amazing website to watch your favorite Anime / Cartoon online because this website does not contains any Ads and even have access to most of the countries. AnimeHere is well maintained and have a navigation bar with categories to find shows on the website.


From the name you can say that the whole website is related to Naruto. Here at NarutoGet you can find mostly all the shows of naruto from beginning of a series to end of a series. There are categories which enables you to find Naruto videos according to series or you can also find any individual part of any series using the search option located at the navigation bar.


If you want a website with loads of cartoons at one place then i guess this website is the one you’re looking for. Here at Anime44 you can find almost all the cartoon with their series and all for free but the only thing is you have to face a lot of ads before watching Cartoons online at Anime44.

Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima is probably one of the best site ever to watch cartoons online on internet. This website not only provides whole video series in original and dubbed form but also have polls, forums and discussion panels.


Last but not the least, from the name Funimation you can derive that you would find mostly all of the cartoons series and even the cartoons which you prefer watching. But before you can access to its video players you need sign up for the website and then you will be able to watch any show on the website.

Create Cartoon Character of Yourself


Above we have shared top 10 free sites to watch anime and cartoons online. If you want to add more sites to the list then kindly comment below with the site name and it’s url. We would get back to you within 48 hours. Don’t forget to share the post because sharing is caring.

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