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Minspy Review: The Best Mobile Spy App for iPhone

Back in the day, it was not easy to spy on an iPhone. That is why many people prefer the Apple devices despite their shocking price range. Today, if you have the right solution, you can spy an iPhone in minutes.

The right solution should be structured in a way that the iPhone will not detect it. Next, you should be getting the data somewhere away from the phone. Have you seen an app on the internet that can meet all of the above?

Minspy Phone Spy

If not, then we have the Minspy spy app for iPhone. This is one of the few apps that will cure the iPhone spying difficulty symptom. If you are wondering how it spies, the details below explain why it’s the best spy app for the Apples.

Part 1: Minspy – Your iPhone Silent Detector

Many spying applications will help you in spying on an iPhone. However, most of them will not hide as you want them to. They may demand to jailbreak at some point, and that’s not a good practice in spying.

If you use Minspy on the targeted iPhone, you will not need such tricks. This is a spying application with the cutting edge technologies that will spy on a phone without compromising the phone.

That is why it’s the favored iPhone spy by millions of users in more than 190 countries. Major news outlets such as CNET and Forbes have also reported about it. Minspy can spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking, download or installation.

So what’s the secret? It’s the use of iCloud. If this app can detect that, then you don’t need the targeted phone. All you have to make sure is that the victim’s phone has two-step verification disabled. Next, make sure the iCloud syncing is on.

Once that is okay, you can use the phone’s iCloud ID on Minspy’s website after signing up. Later, you will see all the phone activities in your online account. This implies that you can spy on an iPhone without touching it if you already have the iCloud credentials.

Once you use the Minspy iPhone spying solution, here is what you reveal remotely.

Part 2: Minspy iPhone Spying Features

  • All the outgoing and incoming calls.
  • All the sent and received iMessages including the deleted ones.
  • Real-time location and all the other visited places.
  • Geofencing alerts.
  • Browsing history.
  • Social media activities.
  • Installed applications.
  • Keylogger reports where you get everything typed on the phone.

If you want to see the full features list, visit the main website for more information. Now, after the setup, you can log in anywhere to see what the features above collected. The control panel hosting the results is fully compatible with all browsers.

So, you only need an internet connection to view what your targeted phone has. All the data you get is always protected from attackers. Minspy does that by using its cloud as a syncing medium instead of a storage unit.

Therefore, the information is available on the dashboard when you log in to your account. When you logout, everything is discarded. This is one of the few apps that will spy on your target and protect both of you from hacking. 

Part 3: How to Start Spying on iPhone using Minspy


  1. The iPhone’s iCloud login details. It should have iOS version 7.0 or later.
  2. Internet connection.
  3. Email address.

Steps to Start Spying

Step 1: Sign up for an account on Minspy’s website using your email address and a password. Select the Apple icon and proceed to pay for a plan that suits you.

Best Cell Phone Tracker Online

Part 3: Why Use Minspy to Spy on iPhones?

This is what makes Minspy your chosen iPhone spying app.

  • No jailbreaking whatsoever regardless of the iPhone.
  • It will take less than 5 minutes to set up Minspy and start spying remotely.
  • No download or installation involved.
  • Real-time updates in your online account.
  • Stealth mode is achieved by targeting the iPhone’s iCloud.
  • No battery drain battery when syncing the information to your account.
  • You can get rid of Minspy remotely via the one-click uninstallation button in your online account.
  • Pocket-friendly fees with no hidden fees after acquiring it.


Minspy is never detectable when you use it on a targeted iPhone. It will use iCloud instead of installation. Next, it will not demand anything that will alter the phone, such as jailbreaking. So, your spying period will always be quiet all through.

The only thing that will alert the targeted user is you if you have found something worth confronting. If you are looking for such a spying experience, then visit the main website and create an account.

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