The Best Toptal Alternatives Out There In 2023 (With Reviews)

One of the most challenging parts of running any business is hiring reliable, verified tech professionals. This especially true for organizations that do not operate within technology related industries specifically; however, in today’s digitized world, the integration of modern day tech is still necessary to run smoother business operations

To combat this issue, there are countless online, digital platforms for hiring software developers and professionals, with one of the most notable of them all being Toptal.

Promising to connect the best companies around the world with software professionals, there is no doubt that Toptal significantly eases the hiring process for many. However, there are still businesses that are on the look out for some different alternatives to Toptal as well.

Toptal Alternatives for hiring developers

The following is a list of some of the best Toptal alternatives that are available out there for anyone looking to hire software developers in 2023, along with helpful reviews for each of them.

Closest alternatives to Toptal

The best alternative to Toptal will rely on the kind of work that your organization is looking for and the preferences that come with it. Some may find that other platforms better suit their needs, such as finding professionals with a specialization that are not available on Toptal, or may be more affordable in 2023 compared to Toptal.

While some of these different options are very similar to Toptal, there are others that are still close alternatives, but have differences in certain aspects such as their business models.


Turing is a Toptal alternative which is the closest in terms of how well it resembles the Toptal model of higher-end, heavily managed freelancing. While large, it is not as large as Toptal, yet is similar in almost every other way.

Just like Toptal, Turing has an exclusive focus on web development, which translates into a higher concentration of development jobs compared to other sites.

Testing to join the platform is extensive to ensure a thorough vetting process, and when it comes to matching clients with developers, Turing utilizes an AI Matching Engine.

Reviews for Turing

“We’re super excited about Turing as we will scrap our existing lengthy interview process and lean on Turing’s vetting to build up teams on-demand.” -via.

“Turing has been a valuable partner in helping us grow our team. We use Turing because it helps us quickly find great talent globally in the ultra-competitive market climate.” -via. is another alternative which is extremely similar to Turing, and is also similar to Turing in that it focuses exclusively on development jobs.

The quality of developers that are on’s platform remains quite high, and the company handles the majority of the initial onboarding and screening. has a stronger focus on developers based in the U.S,  which results in rates that are on the higher side, similar to Toptal.

Reviews for

“Being able to find freelance support on short notice / with specific skills or expertise was easy with We jumped on a call to provide them with details of what we needed, and they sent out ‘job postings’ to their extensive network to see if anyone could fit the bill. The overall cost was reasonable, and they were quick to communicate via email.” -Michelle H.

“Gun makes the process of hiring a dependable, expert engineer incredibly easy. The communication through the entire process in amazing, and I was very satisfied with the end result. Will certainly be looking to use them again in the near future.” -Chris B. claims to work with only the top 1% of engineers from across the world, and offers both part-time and full-time options.

Like Turing, also makes use of a fastidious AI-based system to match developers to clients’ projects in the most efficient way possible. Unlike Toptal which requires $500 upfront which goes towards your first invoice, there is no fixed deposit, and offers a 2-week risk-free trial.

Reviews for

“The engineers functioned as an extension of the in-house team. Not only were they adept at following instructions, but they also kept all parties up to date to facilitate remote work. Gaper’s project manager alleviated any potential burden from the internal staff. This made them ideal for startups.” –Jesper Faurby.

“Gaper was able to provide satisfying services for the client. The project management worked seamlessly with the internal team. Their approach to customer service is the hallmark of their service.” –David Cacik.


Contra focuses more on a high-end client base, much like Toptal, which means Contra offers developers with greater experience and skill. It takes a more leniently managed approach by allowing their developers to bid on jobs, while still handling billing and invoicing.

Developers from Contra can be hired by companies to work with them full-time, off of the platform as well, allowing for an easier adjustment of working arrangements based on your needs.

Reviews for Contra

“Wow the design here is gorgeous! Super helpful tactical knowledge to have too, as a founder who’s constantly hiring freelance talent for my company.” –Gavin D.

“This product is great. Love the design and simplicity of the experience and profile!! Can’t wait to add all my past projects !” –Samir Mody.


Braintrust is a decentralized network that connects clients with a higher budget to software engineers, and a 10% fee is paid by the client per invoice.

Contra offers its own cryptocurrency token issued on the Ethereum blockchain, and also includes payment options such as Transferwise, which is a great choice if your preferred currency is not USD.

Reviews for Braintrust

“They’re very good at building relationships and making a more personalized effort, versus a business or robotic effort.” –Fred DeSota.

“When I first worked with them, they were a smaller firm, and have expanded since. This speaks to their quality. They’re creative, and also flexible and open to input from us. They don’t impose anything and there’s a lot of dialogue between us.” –Tom Xavier.

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