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What Binomo Is And How It Works In India – A Detailed Review

It is no wonder that the Internet has become a home for thousands of opportunities available to people all over the world. One of such amazing opportunities is Binomo which rides on the wings of financial technology. Right at the comfort of your home, you can trade conveniently and earn additional income.

Binomo Online Trading

So you are wondering how you can tap into this opportunity? You’ve got nothing to worry about, this review has been carefully written to help you navigate how to trade on Binomo in India.

Binomo app and website review

Binomo provides users with a modern terminal for online trading through its website and mobile app. You can use the Binomo website through your browser. It’s safe and user-friendly.

However, if you prefer to have a mobile app for quick access and notifications, the steps to getting the app are not difficult.

What is the Binomo app?

Binomo has a trading app that will help you to maximize the trading platform very well. Go to your Google Play or App Store, search for mobile app. Download the Binomo app and install it on your phone. It has both the Android version and iOS. Also, the Binomo app is available in Hindi, like the website.

Binomo app

If you have problems downloading the app on Android, then you can install Binomo Apk from the link:

How to use Binomo?

What is Binomo trading? You can start trading by using the demo account and learning from the free materials on the platform. Сhoose the demo account before you trade. You can switch to the real account at the top right corner of the homepage, just above the chart.

So, tutorial how to trade on

  1. Select your preferred asset, and fix the amount and time for your trade.
  2. Ensure to carry out a proper analysis of the price movement for your forecast. If you deduce that the price will UP from your analysis, click the green button. Else you think it will DOWN, click the red button.
  3. Wait for the trade to go through then check if your forecast was right. If it’s correct, the profit made will be sent to your account immediately.

Don’t worry if you are not comfortable trading at first, it takes time to become familiar and very good at it.

Sign up and Login

Before you can start trading on Binomo, you need to sign up to get a trading account. The steps are quite simple and can be done on the website or mobile app.

  • Go to the Binomo homepage; navigate to the top right corner, click the Sign In button.
  • Submit your information on the signup page: your email address, password.
  • Select an account currency. Take note that you can not change this currency after registration.
  • Read through and accept the terms for the Client Agreement.
  • Then click the button that says, “Create an account” which completes your registration.
  • Confirm your account via the email with a link that you get.

You can also login to Binomo using your Google or Facebook account. After all that, you can begin trading on Binomo.


When it comes to financial trading, you need to learn and educate yourself about how you can make the best of it. Don’t think about how to play Binomo, because the platform is traded, not played. And trading tutorials are a great way for you to learn how.

The good thing is that you don’t need to look elsewhere, Binomo has provided free education on its website and app. With all these, you can improve your trading skills and forecasting. Let’s take a closer look at what tutorials are available on

Demo account

This is the first account type. Just by logging, you will be given a free virtual $1000 in Binomo demo account. The interesting part is that it gets replenished when it’s exhausted.

The main purpose of the demo account is to be able to make trades on a real chart and practice with hands-on experience while learning more about how the platform works. You will be able to learn new strategies before doing real trading.

Binomo Account Types


You need good strategies to forecast correctly. They are also relevant for getting profit in Binomo trading but they can’t guarantee 100% results. These strategies are rules that are strict with interconnections for using analytical tools. Each trader can study for free in the Strategies section on Binomo.


Tournaments - Binomo

Binomo offers tournaments that you can join by signing up for it. You can only start trading when the tournament starts. There’s a special tournament currency you should use. It is called a tournament token and has the symbol, ₮.

Demo account holders can only trade in one Binomo tournament – Daily Free (only available on the website). Traders with real accounts can take part in paid tournaments.

Deposit and Withdraw funds

For invest and trade to Binomo in India, many reliable payment methods are available. Some of these methods include PayTm, GlobePay, NetBanking, Indian Exchanger, UPI, etc.

The minimum deposit allowed is $5 or its equivalent in country currency. You are only allowed to withdraw to the payment methods you used for the deposit.

Withdrawal from Binomo from several minutes to 3 minutes or more. The withdrawal time depends on the status of your account and the payment method used.

Is Binomo real or fake?

So, we learned what Binomo is, but is it safe? This question is relevant because many traders (especially beginners) ask is Binomo legal in India? People are naturally afraid of losing their deposit. However, you only need to trade wisely and there is nothing to be afraid of when using the platform.

Binomo is the A member of the Financial Commission. Also, the company has many awards over the years and has been certified by VMT (Verify My Trade). If Binomo were to be a scam or fraud, it would have been impossible to get any certificates and awards at all.

Binomo certificates and awards


Sahaj Rn.: “So the conclusion is, there’s nothing wrong with earning extra with this app”.

Jaison Jose: “Binomo is paying. I withdraw funds through net banking. It may take one day at a time. But they will directly deposit in your account”.

Badal Chaudhari: “I have been trading on Binomo for the second year. The best way for me to earn extra online”.


So, in this Binomo India review, we figured out how to trade. Trading on the platform can be quite interesting when you get things straight by learning this. You can enjoy benefits like profitability up to 90% when you give a correct forecast.

But you also need to bear in mind the risks associated with trading. If you give a wrong forecast, you are at risk of losing out of your funds. Bear this in mind before you start your trading experience.

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