Bird’s Eye View On Tata New Haven Project In Bangalore

Home is a synonymous word for comfort and relief. After a tiring and an exhausting day, there is nothing as good as having a sleep in that side of the bed at your home. A lazy Sunday and you feel that there is no joy greater than staying at home and seeing that live football match! It is equivalent to a personal heaven and the best part about this heaven is that one does not have to die to experience it! A home is a tiny world of a person. It has the things which a person needs and the people who he or she loves.

Tata New Haven Project:

It is like a vacation on an exotic island way away from the daily chores of life and full of serenity and tranquillity! Tata value homes in Bangalore are one of the most notable and eye catching projects out of all the upcoming projects in Bangalore! The new haven housing project in Bangalore by Tata value homes in Bangalore is one of the most marvellous and elegant Project. Tata new haven Bangalore project is one of the upcoming projects in Bangalore which surely demand a closer look.

Tata new haven project

Whats so special about Tata Value Homes?

The new haven housing project is one of the Tata value homes in Bangalore which is strategically located and has all the modern amenities and facilities. It is located in one of the most developing areas of Bengaluru which offers a premium lifestyle option in the shadow of natural beauty. It is surrounded by natural wonders and offers the perfect blend of natural and architectural elegance. It offers 2 options as far as number of bedrooms are concerned. There are 2 and 3 BHK flats available in Tata new haven Bangalore project. The 2 BHK flats are further divided into further options like compact, optima, ultima or elite. As the name suggests, compact is the smallest option and elite is the most spacious one.

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The optima and ultima option provide medium sized houses. There are also 3 BHK houses offered by new haven housing project. The Tata value homes Bangalore price range of a compact 2 BHK flat starts from around 42 lakhs.

Tata new haven project

What are the prices?

The price goes up with the different variants and the space increases with the price. The new haven housing project offers an array of facilities like gym, swimming pool, club house, café, healthcare facilities, multi purpose hall, retail spaces and crèche. Besides, Bangalore is the silicon valley of India which ensures that the technological advancements are prioritized in your city and you can find cheap and rampant technology options in the city. Presence of giants such as Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Flipkart etc. ensures that there are enough employment opportunities to sustain a good life. The pleasant climate with a soothing temperature range of 15 to 35 degrees ensures that you do not suffer from the wrath of the nature. Great amount of annual rainfall is present to the timely summer monsoons and the winter monsoon.

Tata new haven project

Giant educational institutes like the IIT- B, Bangalore University, PES institute of technology, Xavier’s college, Indian Institute of Science etc. ensure that Bangalore does not lag behind in any field. Also, a literacy rate of almost 90 % in a population of 5 million proves that it is one of the best cities in India.

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Therefore, the perfect conglomeration of Bangalore city with the Tata values homes in Bangalore ensures a happy lifestyle! Thus, the Tata new haven Bangalore project is one of the finest upcoming projects in Bangalore! So be wise and invest in the new haven housing project!

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