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Blog Commenting Sites List | High PR Dofollow [2019]

High PR blog commenting sites list is use for the optimize websites for higher ranking in Google search results. By post a comment on other Blogs, we get a link from the blog in comment section. Generally we get No-follow links from the blogs, But there are many blogs are on the internet that will give a dofollow links too. For building a links for our blog the blog commenting is a effective part for that.

Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites [High PR]

High PR dofollow blog commenting sites

Blog commenting sites

Here i will share dofollow blog submission sites list. It’s not easy to finding out High PR dofollow blog commenting sites for SEO. So Comment On these High PR dofollow blog commenting sites list to create a strong dofollow backlinks for your websites or blogs. It’s very good method to drive the traffic to your website. Blog commenting is easy method to build a links for your blog.

How to Post a Comment To Drive Heavy Traffic

1) Latest High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2019

Try this social bookmarking site:

S.No. Blogs Commenting Sites PR
1 6
2 6
3 6
4 6
5 6
6 6
7 6
8 6
9 6
10 6
11 6
12 6
13 6
14 6
15 6
16 6
17 5
18 5
19 5
20 5
21 5
22 5
23 5
24 5
25 5
26 5
27 5
28 5
29 5
30 5
31 5
32 5
33 5
34 5
35 5
36 5
37 5
38 8
39 8
40 8
41 8
42 8
43 7
44 7
45 7
46 7
47 7
48 7
49 7
50 7
51 7
52 7
53 4
54 4
55 4
56 4
57 4
58 4
59 4
60 4
61 4
62 4
63 4
64 4
65 4
66 4
67 4
68 4
69 4
70 4
71 4
72 4
73 3
74 3
75 3
76 3
77 3
78 3
79 3
80 3
81 3
82 3
83 3
84 3
85 3
86 3
87 3
88 3
89 3
90 3
91 3
92 2
93 2
94 2
95 2
96 2
97 1
98 1
99 1
100 1
101 1

2) List of Blog Commenting Sites (CommentLuv Enabled)

  • http://onlinemktg.xy

3) List of Blog Commenting Sites (Non CommentLuv)


I have created one video on the benefits of blog commenting on other blogs.

Blog commenting is a way to get your name out there in the blogging. Learn best reasons why blog commenting on blogs is good for raising your profile, online presence, social media and may lead to new business opportunities.

Must check following link building stuffs:

Social Bookmarking Sites List

Directory Submission Sites

Social Networking Sites

Forum Posting Sites List

Let’s look the benefits of blog commenting.

  • Creates Opportunity.
  • Raises Your profile.
  • Drives Traffic to Your Own Blog.
  • You’ll Learn Something New.
  • Sparks more Blogging Ideas.
  • Increases Page Rank, Domain Authority and Backlinks to Your site.
  • Increases Network and Improves Traffic.
  • Invitation to Sponsored Post.
  • Allows Guest Posts.
  • Getting Offers from Blog Authors.
  • Gain Identity.
  • Improves Writing Skills.
  • Expands Your Knowledge.
  • Growth of Following In Social Media.
  • Increases Your Online Presence.
  • Helps You To Get More Comments On Your Article.
  • Be Featured As The Comment Lover Of The Week.

There are two types of backlinks, No follow and Do follow.

Do follow links are passing the link juice to the website and Its crawls by the Google. So this types of links are more useful to rank your website fast on Google Search Engine.

No follow links are not passing any juice to the website and its no follow by the Google. When google crawl the pages if they found No follow links then the link(No follow) will not crawl by the google.

So, You may understand the difference between Do follow and No follow. So, Here we shared Do follow High PR Blog commenting sites list, Must comment on this blog and I am sure that you will rank and drive traffic to your blogs. If you like this post please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you have more sites like that then let me know by commenting below. Enjoy.. 🙂

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  • It is one of the best blog commenting sites i have come across. The way you have provided each website with page ranking is very helpful. Thank you so much for providing this information.