Buying CBD Products Wholesale: All the Dos and Don’ts

If you are keen on getting your foot into the CBD industry, then now is the perfect time. To get started you can either consider developing your own cannabinoid-infused products from raw materials or buy ready-to-use oils, vape juices, flowers, and edibles from credible providers.

Either way, there are the right and the wrong way of going about it. To help you do it right the first, we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to get you started.

Buying CBD Products Wholesale

Do Buy Quality Products

Especially if you are an entrepreneur who wants to make profit off of selling different CBD products to consumers, you should consider buying from a reputable provider.

Determine whether the product they are selling are of high quality or not. Learn more about determining the value and quality of a CBD product here:

This will include the cannabinoid content percentages, how the plant was cultivated, farmed, extracted, and dried. Remember that the higher quality product you have available to your customers, the more likely they are to return and bring a friend along.

Do Check the THC Content

According to the FDA’s rules and regulations regarding the sell and resell of cannabis-derived products the THC level should be less than 0.3%. It is prohibited in many states to sell products to the public with a higher THC level. This is because the component is part of marijuana that gives users the psychoactive ‘high’ feeling.

Why is this so important? Well, many companies test their employees for drugs. THC is seen as a drug and is still illegal in many states. You wouldn’t want one of your consumers testing positive for something that was sold as a medicinal supplement.

Consumers are also very liberal about not wanting to feel any psychoactive effects on their bodies. To avoid this, pick a wholesale product with high levels of cannabidiol and low levels of THC.

Do Buy Bulk and Wholesale

Especially if you want to resell the products, you should definitely consider buying wholesale or bulk. Sure, you’ll pay a bit more upfront, but you’ll save in the long run. Your mark up on certain products can be much higher and you’ll make a much better profit going forward.

Credible companies like Cheef Botanicals have great prices available for those wanting to buy ready-to-use products.

Do Consider Buying Different Types of Products

CBD oil is very popular among many users, but this doesn’t mean that you should only stick with one variety. Introduce a wide range of CBD-infused products to give clients a greater variety to choose from. You can choose from lotions and tinctures, to vape juice and edibles.

If you feel daring enough, you can even buy raw material and create your own innovative product. No matter which kind of product you decide on, make sure that it is in line with your target audience and what is in high demand at the moment.

Don’t Forget About Shipment Times

Luckily, we don’t have to drive thousands of miles to pick up our orders anymore. Out of the comfort of your own office or home, you can order online and track your order as it is delivered.

In order to start reselling, the shipment should arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible. Wholesalers should have a well-organized shipment schedule that will ensure your order arrives within a decent timeframe.

If it seems as though the wholesaler isn’t quite on top of their shipment schedules and timeframes, it could be that they are overall a poorly run organization.

Don’t Get Scammed

Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls when it comes to buying online. Sure, the site might look legit, but if you don’t look a bit closer you might be scammed into buying a product that is much lower quality. Or even worse, not even receive the order.

Make sure that you do a concrete background check on the provide. Check for credible online reviews and recommendations from trusted sources. Also request whether you can see the product’s lab reports or speak directly to a salesperson. Read this article to learn how to protect yourself from being scammed online.

In the end, no matter what you do or don’t do, if your product isn’t well-branded and of high quality, you can kiss your returning customers and profits goodbye.

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