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Can I Print My Own Checks?

Long before digital transactions and debit and credit cards, check writing and check printing was one of the most popular types of financial transactions. As a versatile, cost-effective, and safe method of payment, checks have long been used for almost any type of transaction.

In many cases, checks are still seen as more secure than other methods of payment, like digital transactions, so checks are still preferred for large payments like your mortgage. In more ways than one, checks are still a relevant part of our economy.

Can I Print My Own Checks

But how does check printing really work? And do you always have to go through your bank to receive checks? Many will be shocked to learn that you can actually print your own checks at home. With the proper equipment, you’ll no longer need to keep making trips to the bank for your checks.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at how checks have remained one of the most popular forms of sending and receiving money-even in our digital age. We also address whether or not you can really just print your own checks and how outsourced payment processing can help a business of any size work toward advanced financial solutions.


Many people are shocked to learn that they can actually print their own checks at home. For many individuals or even small businesses, check printing at home can be a convenient alternative to purchasing checks through the bank.

Printing your own checks allows you more autonomy over the process and helps you never run out of checks when you need them most. In some cases, it can also be more cost effective.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges that come with printing checks. To be able to print checks at home, you need certain equipment, such as a printer and the right check printing software.

You also need a supply of check stock paper to keep your checks secure so that no one alters them. Additionally, you’ll need magnetic ink and magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) font to print the numbers on each check.

If you’re not prepared to invest in all that equipment, it may be a smart move to simply order your checks from the bank.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative solution, you should consider working with an experienced outsourced payment processing firm. These firms are ideal for small businesses that need effective and efficient payment processing.


For many businesses, especially smaller ones, payment processing can be a challenge. Trying to work through all your payment processing needs, such as payroll and checks to vendors, can be a hassle and it’s easy to make small mistakes that can become consequential.

Hiring a dedicated accountant or professional is one option, but this can also become rather costly as you need to account for their salary and benefits and more.

So, what’s the solution for your payment processing needs? Outsourcing your payment processing is an effective way to manage and optimize all your payment processing services.

You’ll be able to hand off these tasks to a team of experienced professionals who dedicate themselves to payment processing and financial services. You can rest easy knowing these firms use the most secure and advanced software and digital tools to get your payment processing tasks completed on time.

Here’s a look at some of the top services offered by outsourced accounting firms.

Check printing and mailing services

Decrease the cost and improve the efficiency of your check printing and mailing by working with an outsourced accounting firm. They allow for complete customization over your checks and use the latest security features for all their work to ensure that your finances stay secure.

ACH / Direct Deposit Automation

Make your business more agile and efficient with automatic payments. All your payments, checks, and direct deposits become accessible via a single, easy-to-use system when working through an outsourced payment processing firm.

Statement and Document Printing and Mailing

In addition to check writing and mailing, an outsourced accounting firm can also handle all your other important financial documents, ensuring that they get out on time and to the right location. Never worry about losing mail again as they use the latest software to get your documents where they need to go.

Address cleansing

Address cleansing ensures that your checks and other documents sent through the mail reach their intended destination.

Automated address cleansing matches your receiver’s address with the formatting used by the United States Postal Service. This improves speed, efficiency, and deters against having mail sent back due to an incorrect mailing address.

Tax documents

Most business owners approach tax day with anxiety and dread. With your own outsourced accounting firm, however, these fears will be a thing of the past. These firms can handle all your tax document needs, including 1099s and W-2s. Never worry about missing a filing date again.


Just think. When was the last time you remember yourself writing or mailing a check?

Even if you can’t remember, check writing and processing is still an important type of financial transaction, especially for businesses that require payments to vendors or payroll for their employees. While check writing might seem out of date, in our modern world it certainly hasn’t gone away.

Many people are surprised to learn that-yes-you can print your own checks at home. However, to do so, you need specific check printing software, check stock paper, and magnetic ink.

For many people, it’s simply easier to allow someone else to handle their check writing and processing needs. By working with an outsourced payment processing firm, you’ll never have to worry about creating a check again.

If your business needs payment processing services, find out what outsourced accounting can do for you.

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