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Top 17 Tools to Cartoon Yourself – Free Apps and Web Services

Cartoon characters are popular with everyone. Who doesn’t like them? In animated movies, tv shows, and games, they look amazing. How about in real life, have you ever made a cartoon of yourself?

Although it requires excellent painting skills, the Internet does offer many useful tools to cartoonize yourself, as technology has expanded so much in the last couple of decades.

Photo To Cartoon – Cartoon Yourself

Tools to Cartoon Yourself

With just a few clicks, you can now create a digital avatar using an avatar maker. When you are an artist who likes to play with your own pictures, then this could be a fun way to show your talent and entertain your friends.

You don’t need Photoshop skills or to be an artist to do this. By transferring your photos, you can make cartoons of yourself using free apps and websites.

In this article, you’ll find a number of useful and interesting “Cartoon Yourself” tools.


Snapstouch converts your picture into sketches, single shade images, paintings, and drawings. Many options are available to enhance your effect, like whether you want to outline the painting or not, if you want to sketch in light pencil or dark, and much more. Using the tool, you can apply the effect in the same resolution as the original picture, without sacrificing quality.

Image To Cartoon

Image to cartoon is another free website to cartoon an image using the latest AI technology. You can create funny and cute cartoon avatars through this online cartoonizer. This application stands out from its competitors because it can scan the facial features accurately and always matches the best dress and backgrounds for female characters or male characters.

Image to cartoon makes it easy to cartoon yourself from photos, enhancing productivity and creativity. If you are tired of old and boring social media avatars, come to get a new look using this app!

Use this image-to-cartoon converter to create your own cartoon avatars. The Image to Cartoon tool transforms any image into a cartoon avatar in just a few clicks. By using AI cartoonizers, you can create animated or cartoon versions of your face. A few seconds are all it takes.


The fastest way to create an avatar online is with Cartoonify. There are over 300 graphic elements that you can use to customize your avatar.

Just choose your face, hair, eyes, clothes, and background. It’s that simple. Once you have completed your work, download the Cartoon Picture as SVG or PNG. Furthermore, you can make your avatar as a Gravatar.

Kuso Cartoon

Kuso Cartoon is a free online service that allows you to make cartoons from pictures. You can choose from six different styles for your avatar. A limitation of the tool is that it only accepts photos in PNG and JPG formats, and that the file size must be less than 500KB.

You can easily manage your pictures in a personal gallery if you sign up for a free account. While the picture of a Guest account is shared to the public Picture Gallery where anyone can see it.


If you want to give your picture a bit of artistic flair, LunaPic offers the gradient tool. Basic controls are located on the left side of the screen, while your picture appears in the center of the web app. There are a lot of filters, art, effects, and animations that you can apply and see the results in real time.

Cartoon Photo Filters

For Android users, here is a fun and creative photo editor, glamour selfie camera, and cartoon camera app. Drawing and cartoon animation filters are available, as well as art blending filters. A photo is turned into a work of art or into one of several sketches or cartoon animations. It can be saved or shared on Instagram.


There are tons of BeFunky digital art effects that can be applied to your photos to turn them into a cartoon, oil painting, sketching, underpainting, and more. There is a Cartoonizer tool within the full version of the full Photoshop alternative that will give your pictures a vibrant graphic novel look, complete with sharp contrasts and bold lines.

Furthermore, it includes a blending filter with a minimalist color palette that will enhance the richness of the photograph and add texture that is impossible for a camera to capture.


Avachara allows you to make unique characters, like portraits and anime avatars, and play with the correspondence between avatars in chat and notice boards. Several elements can be customized, including face, eyes, nose, hair, dress, glasses, goods, and even background. JPG and PNG files can be exported as the final image.


Cartoonizer is a simple website where you can create a cartoon of yourself in a few clicks. It is as simple as uploading your photo and selecting an appropriate effect. The program offers more than one hundred effects, as well as fancy elements (like eyes, hair, glasses, lips) to make your picture look more interesting.

Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor

There are several modern art filters that can be added to this Android Cartoon app to make your photos look like paintings.

A perfect cartoon maker camera and more than 30 different cartoon photo effects are included in this cartoon maker application. It allows you to edit the pictures by adding amazing art and art blending filters as well as cartoons to them. You will see your face as if it’s an artistic work of art.

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

Using MomentCam, you can create your own emoticons to express your feelings in the most adorable or funny way possible. There are thousands of backgrounds available to you, and you can completely customize your avatar (glasses, beard, hair).

Several of the elements are updated on a regular basis, so the app will keep you interested in coming back for more in the future.


The simple comic style filters, along with Clip2Comic’s powerful picture editing tools, make it easy to transform your photos and videos into authentic, high-resolution cartoons, sketches and caricatures. In addition to eight different filters you can choose from, including a neon style and a sketch, for instant, hassle-free conversions.

Furthermore, experiment with retouch tools to remove unwanted elements, to make strokes thicker or smaller, or even to remove the colors of the original image to create coloring pages.

Cartoon Photo

To make interesting, eye-catching photographs nowadays, it is not enough to execute simple operations. With each passing year, what we expect from photo editors is increasing.

It is not difficult to take advantage of the online Cartoon Photo service, just upload your picture and then you will receive dozens of exciting face morphs, facial animations, and altered expressions.

You need to give yourself a flirty wink, screwed up eyes, a nice smile, a sad face, or a surprised expression. All of this can be accomplished in less than a minute.

Cute Face Maker

Nowadays, it doesn’t suffice to execute simple operations in order to make interesting, eye-catching photographs. The amount of expectations we place on photo editors increases as the years go by.

The task of taking advantage of the online Cartoon Photo service is not difficult at all; you just need to upload a picture and then you will receive dozens of exciting face morphs, animations, and altered expressions based on that image.

If it’s a flirty wink, a sad face, a funny smile, or a surprised expression, make sure you give yourself a flirty wink. It’ll only take you less than a minute to accomplish all of these.

Besides offering an online photo-to-cartoon effect tool, offers desktop software Image Cartoonizer. Upload a photo, choose a cartoon effect, and cartoonize. Then your cartoon is ready.

There is no need to sign up. Create, edit, and turn your photos into personalized artwork -this is the #1 photo editor & cartoonizer designed to be simple, beautiful, and free.You can resize, enhance, and transform your artwork with our wide choice of features., as what its name shows, is an online caricature maker released by its developer in September 2021. Users can upload their face portraits and convert photos into cartoon or caricature styles without any account logged in.

In just simple clicks, you are happy to get 64 fantastic cartoon pictures with high resolution. This caricature app also saves much of your time as it takes only 2-3 minutes to show all generated works. If you like to make yourself look like a cartoon or an anime character, go to right now.

Image to sketch

Are you fond of creating pencil sketch drawings for yourself or for your friends? Are you tired of using the complex photo editing software to deal with multiple images?

If the answer is yes, you come to the right place. Though there are lots of apps allowing you to turn photo to sketch, you can’t ignore imagetosketch – a powerful and AI-based sketch conversion tool. It creates pencil sketch drawing from any pictures.

Magic Tips to Turn Photo into Sketch Drawings

Choose a Photo with Simple Frame

Though most of apps can recognize different types of images and convert them into sketches or cartoons, they work best on photos that are quite simple in composition.

Before you uploading the photo for applying the filters, make sure the photo frame is simple and no many details are included in it. At least, you should the face is clear and uncovered by other things.

Explore More Filters and Find The Best Effect

Generally, photo-to-cartoon app offers many filters for you to apply to the photos uploaded. But now all filters generate best results. Before you finally output the effect, take some time to compare different effects and find the best filter that suits your photos well.

Customize The Drawing Filter

Taking a good advantage of custom settings also helps you to get an attractive cartoon or sketch artworks. Do not just tap an existed filter and apply to your photos.

Many apps or programs also offers many features for users to cutomize the filters and effects. You may produce an unique work by adjusting some parameters, adding some new elements, and importing funny stickers. Anyway, try to expore more options and customize your photos.

Final Words

It is interesting to make your real photo a cartoon style or sketch drawing effect. In this article, we have shown 17 popular applications to help you create cartoon avatars and sketches in simple ways.

To be honest, all tools are great in their own way but if we talk about general, I like befuny, image to cartoon, cartoonify etc. to be most accurate and user friendly. But I’ll recommend you to try others as well and let us know which is the most suitable for you.

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