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Cat Names: Most Popular Male and Female Cat Names

Picking the ideal feline name for your furry companion can be a tough decision. Assuming that you’re attempting to get roused with your cat’s new moniker, look at our best 20. From hypnotizing male feline names to particular female feline names, we take care of you.

List Of Most Popular Cat & Kitten Names

Most Popular Male and Female Cat Names

Thinking of the ideal feline name that suits your fuzzy sidekick can be an incredible test. The moniker should be one that fits them all through their life and one you wouldn’t fret shouting with regards to their supper time!

The year 2020 saw a flood in pet receptions, leaving covers vacant as individuals brought new work-from-home friends into their lives. Anyway, what did this large number of new pet guardians name their fluffy companions?

Rover gathered together the most famous feline names of 2020 by checking out their pet data set and deciding the top monikers picked a year ago. A few proprietors decided on charming feline names propelled by well-known films and TV shows, as Simba and Nala, while others, similar to Mickey, Tigger, and Garfield, followed exemplary animation characters.

Further down, you’ll observe more remarkable feline names, similar to Clyde, Hobbes, Freya, and Bonnie. And keeping in mind that these rundowns are isolated by kid and young lady feline names, many work for any fluffy sidekick. Indeed, a few names, including Oreo, Tiger, Peanut, Shadow, Smokey, and Kitty, show up on the two records. Underneath, observe the most well-known feline names of 2022.

Regardless of whether you’ve quite recently got another little cat or have rehomed one from a salvage place, we have male and female feline names to suit both youthful and senior cats the same. Continue to peruse to find our top “purrfect” names.

Male cat names

  1. Smoky

This feline name is the ideal choice for a Russian Blue or as a grey feline name as it honors their superbly smoky tint.

  1. Oreo

Assuming that you’re searching for a male feline name for a highly contrasting feline, Oreo could be the ideal fit. Taking the name from the delectable bread roll, this is a name that will accommodate your cute kitty all through his life.

  1. Monty

This superbly adaptable feline name suits kitties of all tints and breeds. Generally a humble of Montague or Montgomery, the name is really French for ‘sharp slope’! We believe it’s best for felines with an opulent character.

  1. Pumpkin

This male cat name isn’t simply a colder time of year squash, but on the other hand, it’s a not unexpected British pet name. Think about Pumpkin for a ginger feline that shares the eye-discovering orange shading.

  1. Prince

It’s an obvious fact that our felines are the regal rulers and sovereigns of our home, so why not give them a name fit for a lord or, well ruler? Sovereign is an extraordinary name for the artistocat in your life and one that they’re certain to appreciate.

  1. Dexter

Dexter is a very well-known male feline name. That is most likely because of the Showtime TV series of a similar name. Albeit the person in the show has destructive propensities, it makes a truly cute name for felines, and some partake in the incongruity in the event that they have pets that are especially great at hunting.

  1. Gizmo

This charming male feline name comes from the notable 1984 film, Gremlins. In the event that you have a cushy feline with brown and white or tortoiseshell shading, Gizmo would make an extraordinary name. Simply don’t take care of them after midnight.

  1. Merlin

Merlin is a magical feline name that suits felines of all tones and breeds. The name hails from Wales and signifies ‘ocean fort’, however was advocated by the wizard that was King Arthur’s aide and partner.

  1. Cosmo

In the event that your kitty is straightforwardly amazing, Cosmo would make an ideal name. It’s superbly fit as a dark or white feline name, as these tones appear as though they’ve been newly chosen from the night sky.

  1. Ziggy

David Bowie fans will revere the male feline name Ziggy. Referred to worldwide as the glitz modify self-image for the notorious vocalist and entertainer, Ziggy is a name that is both impressive and charming, making it ideal for our four-legged companions.

Female cat names

  1. Luna

Coming from the Latin name for the moon, Luna is a dazzling female feline name to suit your supernatural cat. Acquiring fame in view of the particular person, Luna Lovegood from the very much adored Harry Potter series, this is a name that is being favorited for felines, canines, and, surprisingly, human children!

  1. Lulu

Lulu is an enchanting name that comes from the Arabic word for ‘pearl’. It’s been an appreciated name since the 60s, because of the firework vocalist, Lulu, popular for performing ‘Yell’. We think it makes a totally charming name for cats as well.

  1. Zelda

Aficionados of the hit Nintendo game establishment will end up fascinated by the name, Zelda. Taken from the furious princess in the Legend of Zelda series, this female feline name is great for your little four-legged champion.

  1. Buffy

Those with a fiery kitty will track down the ideal name with Buffy. The name comes from the faction TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer which follows a cheeky vampire-battling young lady on her mission to fight the powers of haziness. Along these lines, assuming you have a catlike that can satisfy the notorious namesake, Buffy will settle on the best decision.

  1. Daisy

There’s nothing better than a kitty with a flower name. Daisy is a delightful name that will suit all feline varieties and colors and makes certain to supplement them from kittenhood the whole way to adulthood.

  1. Tallulah

Tallulah is an exquisite female feline name that will suit elegant varieties like the Siamese or Persian. Signifying ‘leaping water’, the name rolls off of the tongue and feels at the same time great and adorable – which are two qualities that impeccably summarize our cats.

  1. Raven

Assuming that you’re searching for a black feline name, Raven may be exactly the thing you’re pursuing. Taken from the enormous, dark bird of a similar name, Raven makes an unbelievably captivating moniker.

  1. Belly

Coming from the Italian word for delightful, Bella is a loved female feline name. As per John Lewis Pet Insurance, Bella was really the second most famous name picked by their clients!

  1. Molly

Initially utilized as an epithet for Mary, Molly is presently a charming name by its own doing. Signifying ‘star of the ocean’, it’s a name which is cherished by many animal lovers, and we can see the reason why.

  1. Poppy

Besting a considerable lot of the rundowns for the main female feline name is Poppy. This flower name isn’t exactly just about as sensitive as Daisy and brings a specific feeling of fieriness. As it takes its name from the dazzling red bloom, we figure this name would best suit ginger felines or those with a red hint to their jacket.

Those are our best male and female feline names! Did your beloved name make it to the list? Or then again do you lean toward something somewhat stranger? In any event, we’re certain you’ll pick the ideal feline name to suit both their looks and character.

2021’s Biggest Cat Name Trends

Coronavirus Inspired Cat Names Are Still Popular in 2021

Coronavirus roused feline names kept on moving in 2021, with the name Fauci up 443% and Covi up 43%. In any case, the names Rona and Covid are moving down for felines. Unique whoop to the felines named Vax and Dolly Parton.

Olympics-Inspired Cat Names Took Gold in 2021

Feline proprietors were motivated by the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 and named their felines likewise. The main three most well-known Olympic competitor feline names are Tom, Katie, and Simone.

Are tennis fans additionally feline lovers? The feline name Naomi is moving up 54% this year. Felines named Tobin were up 68% in 2021, motivated by the bronze-winning USA ladies’ Olympic soccer player.

Coronavirus and the Olympics are not the Only Inspiration for Cat Names This Year

Cat names reflect pet guardians’ inclinations, interests, and characters, from an assorted exhibit of motivations like the kid’s shows they looked as children or the objections individuals desire to head out to.

US Cat Parents love Travel Destinations Like France and Italy

With such a lot of time at home during the pandemic and many deferring their worldwide itinerary items, feline names with global impact are ascending in ubiquity.

France should be on a ton of movement lists of must-dos since Baguette (+343%), Voltaire (+43%), Caviar (+43%), and Dior (+12%) are on the whole moving feline names. While we are pitiful to say that there aren’t any new felines named Prosciutto this year, the feline names Pizza and Anchovy are both moving up 51% and 9% separately.

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