Cloud Applications Extend Beyond The Office

Okay, it may not sound desirable for you to bring your actual office with you wherever you go, but then again, what does the word “office” really mean? Does it pertain to a desk, a computer, some bobble-head dolls and a pithy poster on the door? Or is that just what many people have come to understand as an “office”?

Cloud Computing Applications Extend Beyond The Office

Cloud Applications

1) Bring Your Office With You

What does it mean when someone says: “the office of the priesthood”? Or how about,
“public service is an essential office?” As it turns out, “office” applies to a desk and related accoutrements, but the actual word has an entirely different definition. Office has come to mean a set of building or rooms where business is done; but the term predates modernity.

Originally the term “office” meant something closer to a position of public authority. In that sense, the “office” of the actor is the stage. The office of the peace officer is the street, and the office of the architect is the construction site.

But all these linguistic platitudes mean very little if you can’t get the minutiae of business done wherever you happen to be – and that’s where cloud computing comes in. Because of the cloud, you can now do all the officious work normally restricted to a building or a set of rooms right from your smartphone, tablet, or otherwise internet-enabled device. Use a smartwatch if you like.

Bring Your Office With You

2) Software That Changes Everything

Of course, it’s no good being able to manage conventional paperwork from anywhere if the software you’re using to do it is hard to work with or unreliable in some other way.

According to, the right construction project management software: “…standardizes project management procedures so project managers can easily enter data, site events, labor activities, material costs, workforce information and more into a fully searchable database updated in real-time.”

You want construction management software that has been tailored with the actual experience of real project managers informing its makeup. How convenient would it be to manage time cards and RFIs from your mobile device? The right software can make this a possibility. You can cut turnaround time on crucial documents from days to minutes in this way.

3) Implications of Diminished Workload

A burgeoning subcontracting company needs to pinch pennies wherever they can. The accoutrements related to conventional operations without such management software can be complicated enough to require additional employees.

If you’re keeping them on full-time, and with all the involved benefits, you’re looking at a loss between $20k and $40k a year, depending on what your business can afford to pay.

If you have a large enough operation to require multiple employees for management of such a load sans software, you’re losing more – and all this isn’t even considering the time you’ll spend chasing down inconsistencies on the back end yourself. Project management software can definitely save you a great deal of hassle in this regard.

So look into available options pertaining to office management software. You may find there are areas where you can cut tens of thousands in unnecessary activity from your yearly budget. 🙂

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