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Common Myths About Guest Blogging

Common Myths About Guest Blogging

Guest posting is considered as one of the best and top way to grab readers and traffic from other blog. Also it will help you to get better rank in search engines. When we talk about guest posts, there are two mainly reasons behind it:

  1. Your blog link will be live for other blog readers, so it will force them to visit your blog.
  2. Secondly guest posts will help you to better reputation and build it as authority website according to search engine especially Google.

Common Myths About Guest Blogging

Well in this article I am going to discuss the four main and common myths about guest blogging and hope you will enjoy this guide.

1. Guest Posting is taking your content away from blog :-

Have you ever noticed about this point? Well, it’s totally logical argument where all you need is to write article, share your ideas in it and post on other reputable blogs for the sake of backlinks.

Each time, you need to research on these topics, then write a quality article and publish on the other reputable blogs.If you can write such quality content on your blog, I will guarantee you that you will surely be going to increase your blog readers.

2. Finding guest posting blogs seems to be hard :-

Sometimes we are not able to find out the targeted people according to our niche. Therefore finding the right audience for your blog is really hard task through guest posts because you should need to posts on top and reputable blogs and it will take time in finding such blogs.

3. Quantity of Blogs matter than quality :-

You can easily find out thousand of online websites that allows anyone to publish their content. All you need to do is to sign up for the blogs, after that write an article and within few hours it will be live on that specific blogs easily.

Also if keep in mind that most of the guest bloggers these days are taking help of article spinner tools that can help them to spun content. Such guest bloggers only have one thing in their mind that if Google is not able to find duplicate content issue, then you will surely going to create more spinner versions of that particular blog posts.

4. Try to publish low quality articles on other blogs :-

It’s always the good idea to publish the informative and informative content on your own blog and try to publish the lesser quality blog posts on related niche blog with good page rank. Only share your bright ideas on well reputed blogs that can bring something awesome towards your blog (traffic+ readers+ quality backlink).

It does not means that you should not need to write guest posts for other blogs. Only I want to share try to focus more on your blog and write 2-3 quality blog posts for other blogs relevant to your niche.

If you have any query about this guide, feel free to ask in comments and let us know your feedback. As always your comment are welcome and much appreciated.

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