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Computer Protection In 2016, After Windows 10

A clear trend has emerged with antivirus software this year. Firstly, products no longer compromise a machine’s performance. Secondly, they go above and beyond what is offered as standard with Windows 8.

But there is more! New suites include various new features, including PC optimization. Furthermore, they enable a variety of different devices to be protected at the same time. Mobile integration is a huge part of antivirus software nowadays and people want to be able to control this from just one interface.

Computer Protection Tips In 2016

Best Computer Protection in 2016

Computer Protection in 2016

Now that we are reaching the end of 2015, we know that some providers are incredibly efficient. These include GData, Eset, BitDefender and Kaspersky. They have all been main players for years anyway. Many of these have also started to offer their 2016 version, aimed specifically at Windows 10.

So what are some of the best ones out there now? What will be the best antivirus 2016 provider?

  • Norton Security 2016, which is efficient, has fantastic performance and is super user friendly. Additionally, it is really orientated towards the family.
  • Kaspersky 2016, because Kaspersky 2015 was so amazing that the next one can only get better. It is really technologically advanced, but continues to be easy to use as well.
  • BitDefender 2016, which can work across a variety of devices and can defend these devices from many threats.

Furthermore, it offers fantastic value.

Should You Pay for Antivirus Software?

That is always the big question. The reality is that software publishers are going through some rough times. Both Windows 8 and Windows 10 come with a full range of very good protection included, such as anti-malware Windows Defender, an advanced firewall, smartscreen IE11 and NTFS, anit-phishing IE11 and more. This means that even without extra software, users are quite protected. Furthermore, it is a known fact that many of the free protection services, such as Avira, AVG and Kaspersky offer protection that is as good as that offered by the paid ones.

So Why Should You Pay?

There are still some reasons to pay for your security suite, however. These include:

  • You will have better ergonomics. Sometimes, it is worth paying a little bit of money so that you don’t get those annoying popups and advertisement banners all the time anymore. Furthermore, you will have just a single interface to manage everything, which is more efficient.
  • You will have full customer support in your chosen language. You will even have access to remote engineers and if issues cannot be resolved, your purchase price will be refunded. This is something that you will never get with free versions, who outsource most of their support desks to Asian countries.
  • You will have protection above and beyond malware, which includes protecting your children and your identity.
  • You will receive more optimization tools, including PC health and more.

So, Here We are discussed How to Complete Protect your Computer System In 2016. I hope that you enjoyed this post, please share it on your social media and don’t forget to comment below. 😀

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