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The term HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is one of the most advanced technologies that help developers to display data on web applications. HTML is very unique as, within a very short period, it has received recognition from almost all the web browsers that are currently operational in the market. During the HTML coding process, the developers have to integrate various entities to ensure that all the elements on the HTML website maintain their current position and intended display.

One of the most unique features of this process is that the developers have to conduct all the processes in a text file. After this process, the developers have to convert this text into HTML. However, currently, there are various online tools to convert text to HTML.

Word To HTML Online Converter

With the help of this article, we will try to understand how these tools help developers to convert text to HTML, take a deeper look into the conversion process and also understand some of the best practices related to it. We will also discuss some of the best online tools that developers can use for this process.

Reasons to Convert Text to HTML

As we already discussed earlier, the developers mainly write the commands and scripts for applications in the text file. After the creation process, the developers have to convert this text file into the respective programming languages or markup languages. The typical custom for performing this process is manually transforming and importing the code into the respective destinations.

However, with the modern advancement of technology, the applications have become so complex that the test scripts and code bases are very long. So, depending on manual transformations, the developers will take a lot of time for the conversion process. On the other hand, there are many softwares and tools easily available that can help the developers to perform this process.

In this article, we will not focus on the standalone softwares because they include the extra step of downloading and installing third-party software on the native system. On the other hand, web applications can help developers to accomplish all of these goals without wasting any time or space on the device. Therefore, web applications are highly beneficial from a developer’s point of view as they require all the resources on short notice. Moreover, the online tools are also devoid of any form of platform restrictions. This means that the developers can use them on all systems. The developers can use them on Mac, Windows, and even Linux.

Benefits of Using Online Tools to Convert Text to HTML

Before we start understanding the best tools for converting text to HTML, it is very important to understand the major benefits of using these tools. This understanding will help the developers to utilize the full potential of these tools. Based on our analysis, the major benefits of online tools for converting text to HTML are as follows:

  • The final output generated by online tools is very accurate and dependable. This is because these tools often analyze the entire document in real-time before generating the test results. Therefore, the developers can directly integrate these test scores into their testbench.
  • The online tools for converting text to HTML are highly versatile. This means that the developers can not only use these tools for the intended conversion process but also use them to serve other purposes in the application development process. For instance, the developers can use this tool to check other grammatical errors in the application and also allocate random data for the user interactive verification process.
  • Since these tools perform all the actions on the online platform, the developers do not have to download and install any third-party application on their system. This process also massively reduces the setup process and helps the developers to get started with the testing process as soon as possible.
  • The real-time analysis performed by online tools helps developers to maintain psychological health. This is because real-time analysis helps the developers to visualize the test reports and set an intended goal. Therefore, the developers can work towards achieving this goal while they are working on long development projects.

Best Online Tools to Convert Text to HTML

As we already discussed earlier in the article, in this segment, we will be mostly focusing on online tools. However, it is also important for the developers to understand that these tools can be further classified into two different segments. This is because these tools can be either free to use or hold paid licenses. In this article, we will not talk about paid applications as there are many new developers and small companies who still cannot afford to invest in the business.

So, considering the free tools will help us to increase our audience reach. There are hundreds of free tools available in the market to convert text to HTML. Based on our analysis, the most popular and promising ones are as follows:

LambdaTest Free Convert Text to HTML Entities Online

LambdaTest is a very well-known name in the segment of application development and testing. This company has created a positive brand image with the help of interactive tools and platforms for verifying the proper functioning of multiple applications. The LambdaTest tool for converting text to HTML comes under the category of LambdaTest online tools.

These tools help developers to simplify their application testing process. For this purpose, these tools also help the developers to generate random sets of data and help to verify the proper functioning and user handling of multiple web applications. Using these tools, the developers can also generate multiple sets of data that are crucial for the application testing process.

The LambdaTest tool to convert text to HTML has a very clean user interface. This interface is devoid of all forms of advertisements to ensure the developers can concentrate on the work at hand. It also has a small block at the end to ensure that the new automation testers and developers have adequate knowledge related to the conversion process. It is a very good initiative to educate the new developers.

The LambdaTest online tool also allows the developers to directly add a text file with the help of URLs to eliminate the copy-paste process. In simple terms, we can justify this online tool as a platform to ensure continuous test orchestration and test execution.

This tool also values user security and data privacy. For instance, the online servers will not store any data after the completion of the testing process. The developers also have the opportunity to integrate extra safety measures for their satisfaction.

This is a very simple and easy-to-use online tool to convert your text file into HTML. Recently this tool has gone through a major updating process that now allows the developers even to convert the respective HTML tags present in the text file. However, the major drawback of this tool is that it allows the developers only to convert text files to HTML. This means that the developers cannot use this tool for any other purpose related to the application development and testing process. This is a massive drawback as in the current industry, most of the tools provide a one-stop solution to all the requirements and needs of an application development process. So, while using this tool, the developers will have to use other tools as well for their needs.

This tool also provides a mini blog consisting of multiple illustrations explaining to the developers how to use their services. This is a very effective process for educating the new developers who are just starting to make the shift. However, there are multiple advertisements and popups on the website. These pop-ups can often prove to be annoying as they come in the way during the testing process. However, the developers of the website claim that these advertisements help them to ensure that all of their services continue to remain free for the developers.


This is a completely free-to-use online tool that helps the developers to access multiple devices and services that help to simplify the application testing process. While using these tools, the developers can check the text file for multiple grammatical errors like narration, voice, tense, and articles and even check the proper placement of all the syllables. While using this tool, the developers can also access a readability score based on how easy it is to interpret the document. This readability score helps the application developers and testers to ensure that their text file is accessible to users from all knowledge groups. This tool helps the developers to convert various languages to all the alternatives that are currently available.

Similar to the previous tool, this tool also contains multiple ads. However, the ads are placed in proper positions to ensure that they do not come in the way. So, we can safely say that these advertisements and popups will maintain the user experience for the developers and testers. Moreover, the homepage of this tool provides multiple explanations and demos on how to use the tool and the proper use case scenario. Tools and illustrations also explain all the features the developers can access while using their services. Lastly, this tool allows the developers to even work with long documents as there is no word limit restrictions present on their system. This is a very useful feature as all the applications in the modern generation are very complex, consisting of multiple long code frameworks.

The Final Verdict!

So, considering all the points discussed in this article, we can easily say that online tools for converting text to HTML are highly beneficial from a developer’s point of view. Moreover, we are slowly progressing towards an application development industry that will be entirely dominated by automation testing. So, for the proper utilization of automation test cases, the developers must utilize all of these tools. Lastly, it is very important to understand that all tools are unique for serving a specific purpose. So, the developers must understand their development requirements and choose the correct tool accordingly.

It is also important for application development companies to spread proper awareness regarding the use of proper tools and platforms in the application testbench. The developers must remember that while working with online tools, their primary concern should be to ensure the security of their data. All of these practices are necessary for maintaining a company’s positive image in the application development segment.

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