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Could Shoe Insole Give Orthotic Feet Support?

The human body is structured in a way where each part of our body are dependent on each other. When it comes to feet, it can define as the most crucial part of our body. Not only feet ensure our movement, but it also carries our entire body weight too.

Shoe Insole Give Orthotic Feet Support

Generally, for any external or internal injury and any sort of pain, including legs, backbone, hip shoe insole, and orthotic are suggested.

1] Shoe Insole vs Orthotic

Though both Insole and Orthotics are designed to ease your pain and support your footstep, there are significant differences between these two.

For minor foot pain or to make your shoe feel more comfortable insoles are used. It may give you instant relief when you wear it but doesn’t come with healing capacity. You can get insoles at any drug store, pharmacies, or superstores and a relatively lower price.

On the other hand, an orthotic is generally suggested to those who have average to severe level pain. The most remarkable part of orthotics is it is custom made as per your size and requirements.

Shoe Insole vs Orthotic

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Moreover, besides aid in pain relief, it also helps in healing your condition. Though it is more expensive than an insole but performance also varies greatly. While an insole lasts for a maximum of 6 months, an orthotic can be used for up to 5 years.

2] Who should elect Shoe Insole?

Insole is for those who want to add more comfort and flexibility to their shoes. To comfy minor level pain or to extend the longevity of your footwear, a shoe insole can be used.

If your job needs you to stand on your feet for extended hours, then using a shoe insole will help in keeping your legs in the utmost comfort. A right pair of shoe insole will let you even standing all day comfortably.

Who should elect Shoe Insole?

It also works as a protective barrier for legs and keeps your ligament, muscles safe. Moreover, a shoe insole is also a smart way of keeping the inner part of your footwear clean.

3] Who should wear Orthotics?

Anyone suffering from any sort of mild to chronic pain due to internal/external injury, diabetes, or orthopedic issues can use Orthotics.

An orthotics ensures not only a convenient movement but also aid in treating flat and high arches. It helps to keep your legs in the right position.

Who should wear Orthotics


#Can shoe insole cure my feet pain?

No, shoe insole is designed to ensure comfort only and cannot heal body pain.

#Is it only for old age people?

No, people of all ages can wear it.

#I have a foot ulcer, can I wear regular shoe insole?

No, people with foot ulcers are recommended to wear orthotics.

#I do not face any problem in my feet should I wear shoe insole?

Yes, to keep your feet in comfort level and to avoid any probable physical injury, you can wear shoe insole.

# Is it safe to wear insole during a workout session?

As long as you wear perfectly fitted insole, it is entirely safe for your legs.

#Can I clean my shoe insole on my own?

Yes, you can hand wash your shoe insole.

#Do I need a medical prescription to purchase it?

No, for shoe insole, no medical prescription required.

#Do flat arch, and high arch can be healed wearing shoe insole?

No, shoe insole is not adequate to treat flat and high arch.

4] Things to bring in consideration forshoe Insole

Surely, insoles are a great option to comfy your feet and pain. But there are a couple of things that you should take into account before using it. For the best results, make sure to get the one that ensures maximum comfort. Another important factor is to get an accurate size, and that also fits in your shoe well.

Always try to wear good quality shoes; otherwise, you won’t get any benefit from using a shoe insole. Not wearing the right size also increases the chance of getting hurt or injured, and a feeling of the discomfort.

5] Is it worth buying Shoe Insole over Orthotic?

Shoe Insole has become one of the most hyped and also trending products all over the world. To comfy your feet also keep it safe from any external injuries, it has proved its superiority. In general people of all ages can wear this to make their walking on the path more comfortable.

However, if you have chronic feet pain, diabetes-related pain on feet, arthritis, or any other internal and external injuries, then you must go for orthotics.

For restructuring any broken tissue, bones, and returning it to its original condition, orthotics have proved as a beneficial one. But to decide whether you need orthotics or not, you should consult your podiatrist.

6] Shoe Insole Maintenance

If you want a safe and longer-lasting shoe insole for your shoes, then you have to pay attention to its maintenance as well. It is recommended not to wear the same insole for more than two days.

To avoid dirt and germ, always wear your insole in clean feet. Also, try to keep it in an open place for some time after every two times use. For cleaning, soak the insole in mild detergent and sundry after wash.

Final Thought

By this time, you must have a clear idea about shoe insole and orthotics. Both are excellent means of support for your feet. Though shoe insole is limited in terms of its function, orthotics are meant to provide more advanced support.

For picking shoe insole, you need to check its material, size, and whether it is comfortable or not. You will get a wide range of options for shoe insole, but make sure to pick the right one.

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