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12 Creative Dorm Room Decor Ideas

No matter what your subject is in college, it’s important to find an outlet for creativity and self-expression. As we all know, dorm rooms are notoriously small, so you need to be clever about how you decorate them!

Best DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas

DIY Dorm Room Decor & Decorating Ideas

Here are a few creative ideas for making the most of your space. Some of these might seem silly but trust me. They can make such a difference in how people see your room and provide some much-needed relief from the monotony that often comes with living in one place long term.

Plus, this is college. Silly should be expected! This post will show you how to decorate your limited space and turn it into something magical without breaking too many rules. We are sure there’s someone out there who would love to have your old dorm room when you graduate!

Maximize Your Space

Dorm rooms are small and often have an odd shape. This can make it difficult to create a place where you feel like you’re getting the most out of your space, but some tricks will help! Use shelves and hooks to decorate the walls and a corner shelf for added decorations and extra storage space.

A dresser in the corner can also look nice. Purchase storage baskets to place around the room for extra supplies and gadgets. One might also create their under-bed storage system by adding shoe boxes or other containers.

Keep a box on the wall side and cover it with a patchwork or any other colorful and vibrant area rugs. This will look great in addition to giving you storage for your clothes and books.

Divide the room

The small space in the dorm room makes it very easy to manage. You only have one room, but that doesn’t mean it should be unorganized. Allocate a separate space for all your chores. Divide the room into the study area, bedroom, dressing room, and living room. You can add genuine vibes to the areas by adding adequate decorations.

Starting with the study room that also doubles as a gaming room. It should include a study table, a cozy chair, desk lamp, RGBs, speakers, and a gaming rig (obviously). Similarly, the bedroom space should speak the language of comfort and luxury.

Look for bedroom wall art ideas and buy necessary accessories along with furniture that make you feel at home. The dressing room includes a cupboard and a mirror, while the living room is made with comfortable seating, preferably ottoman style.

Shine On!

A dorm room is a great place to have something like an art gallery wall, where you display pieces of art and photos together. In small spaces, this will help make it feel more open while adding some personality.

If you want to hang some memorable pictures on the side of your room, try using wire and string lights. You can also hang up a frame for one of your favorite photographs and put it near a desk. Make sure you add some other decorative items as well!

Fairy Lights

Bring your room to life with loads of lights! Hang a string of fairy lights over the bed, or find strands that are battery operated. It’s also fun to install light fixtures on the ceiling and plug in lamps for extra brightness. This is especially perfect if you have a lofted bedroom area as well!

Make a Wall Mural

Wall murals are a fun, chic, and creative way to add personality to your room. You can paint one yourself, or you could buy one from an online store. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s easy to find something that fits the vibe of your space.

Add Some Fun Poufs

Poufs are a colorful and comfy way to add extra seating and storage space! Group them on the floor for a cozy, comfy feel. Or use one as an ottoman near your desk or bed if you’re short on real estate in that area of the room. Invest in colorful poufs for a fun pop of color!

Invest in Plants

Bring nature into your dorm by adding some plants to your space! They will keep you fresh, provide you with some extra oxygen, and just looking at them can be a soothing experience. As dorm rooms are small, don’t overdo it with plants. A pot or two in the corner will be perfect for your dorm room.

However, a mini cactus on the shelf for a decorating purpose won’t hurt your colorful dorm vibes. The best quality of indoor plants is that they don’t need to be watered often, and when you have a job on campus (or anywhere for that matter), it can get tiring taking care of your plant all the time. With this in mind, make sure to invest in some fake plants as well!

Rugs to Rock the Floor

Rugs can change the overall vibe of your dorm room. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that will fit just right with your style.

You might want a big rug for when you are watching movies on Netflix or cozy ones if you’re looking for some extra warmth during wintertime! For a dorm room, the best one to consider is round area rugs, as they are unique.

Living room rugs are not only hard-wearing but can also complete that individualistic tone in your personal space and express who you are. These soft rugs tricked our eyes and made the room seem larger and cozy.

Create a Study Nook

If you are going for a creative way to study in your dorm room, why not create a cozy space. This will help keep distractions at bay and make it easier to get work done!

You can do this by investing in some large bookshelves or even painting the wall behind your desk with chalkboard paint. Decorate your desk with your favorite colors and buy some office supplies.

Place a Mirror

A mirror is a genius way to make your dorm room feel more spacious. A mirror will reflect light and accentuate that beautiful view outside or in the window of your dorm!

Place it where you can see yourself while getting ready for class. Decorate the mirror with string lights and stickers by tape and anything else you want!

Add Curtains to the Windows

Curtains are such a classic way of adding personality. They can also help block out light in your room, especially if you’re trying to study or sleep early at night. There is enormous variety when it comes to curtains today that there’s no excuse for not having something you love!

Ditch the Bedspread

If you want to save money on sheets and blankets, ditch the bedspread! That thing is just taking up space in your room. Instead, take a comforter with matching pillowcases and make it into an oversized quilt for your dorm.

You can even put down some fabric as another way of getting creative with how you dress up your bed. Put cushions in various shapes, colors, and patterns around your room, and you’ll have a comfy space to read, work, or hang out.

Invest in a Lamp

We’re going to think of this one up as a necessity. You’ll want some light in your room, especially if you’re trying to study or sleep early at night.

There is tremendous variety when it comes to lamps today that there’s no excuse for not having something you love! Buying a lamp for your dorm is worth it because you’ll have some light and will be able to decorate with other college supplies.

Sum Up

We hope these creative decor ideas will help you as you set up your dorm room for the new school year. You’ll be able to get a great head start on all of this if you plan and shop our area rug from RugKnots.

With so many colors, patterns, textures, shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from – we’re confident that there’s one perfect rug just waiting for you!

Remember not to forget about adding some cool throw pillows or accessorizing with fun wallpaper or curtains too. What are some other fun loving ways that students can use creativity in their dorm rooms? Share them below in the comments section.

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