How Much Does the Avg Joe Need to Know About Cyber Security?

Cyber Security, Consumers are obsessed with having the best technological tools, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, or the newest Mac. But the development and innovation in new technologies is opening doors to serious cyber security risks. The threats keep evolving and unfortunately, the average Joe can’t keep up.

Cyber Security

Contrary to the popular belief, most gadgets and computer systems aren’t always hacked or compromised by geniuses. Cyber Security, Like criminals who first check to see if they can break into a home via an unlocked door before picking a dangerous route, successful cyber criminals often achieve their goals by exploiting known vulnerabilities.

Need to Know About Cyber Security

In recent years, cyber threats have become more sophisticated, with hackers entering the scene stealing personal data and financial information of consumers. And with new operating systems, computers and smartphones, e-criminals have an even wider range of devices to infect with viruses, malware and other malicious threats. Here are a couple of new risks:

Email phishing

Typical phishing cases involve consumers receiving an email appearing to be sent from a financial or government institution requesting personal information. The emails often include content that demands immediate attention to the situation by clicking on links, which appear to be for the web property of the institution.

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However, consumers are redirected to phony websites in case of phishing, where they are asked for account numbers, social security numbers, and other personal details. Those behind the fraud can use such details to steal a person’s identity. IRS phishing warning is a recent example.

Social network risks

Being active on social media has become the way of life. While the realities of such changes on consumer lifestyle take hold, consumers have crossed a risky line in this new information sharing age. The primary cyber risk of using social media is the possibility of information misuse resulting from posting too much personal information online.

But that’s only one of the risks, cyber threats actor are using sophisticated tactics such as social engineering to compromise social accounts which leads to the disclosure of sensitive information that can be used to gain access to financial and other important accounts. Third-party applications on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are also contributing to the risks, as hackers can infect malicious code in these applications to breach user privacy.

Cyber Security

Ensuring protection against cyber risks

Steps required to mitigate these risks are the same for PC, mobiles and tablet users. The following measures will help:

Antivirus and malware protection

According to Trend Micro, consumers can benefit from antivirus programs from companies like that offer defenses against new web threats and risks resulting from social network use. Windows and Mac users can install virus-protecting programs to improve security. Look for an Antivirus for Mac free trail and similar free trials for other PC and mobile operating systems.

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Limit amount of personal information

Avoid posting information online and on social networks that can be used for identity theft, such as a personal address or details of a company associated. In fact, users shouldn’t post any information they would not be comfortable with strangers finding about. Be considerate when posting images as well.

Evaluate privacy settings

Cyber Security, The default settings of some websites may allow anyone from public to see social profiles, but users can customize settings to restrict access to specific groups and people. Sites may change security periodically, so it is important to frequently review privacy settings to ensure settings are still appropriate.

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