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7 Deliverability Checks For Cold Email Marketing Success

It is certainly possible for you to have some amount of control over your cold email deliverability. For the sake of outbound outreach, it is important to ascertain exactly how many people receive your emails.

Cold Email Marketing Success

So, before you begin sending out your emails to prospective partners, here are some points that you should and need to keep in mind to change and test email delivery.

Use a separate email account for your outbound program

You and your employees must be using your official company email account to send out various emails to your friends, co-workers, and family. Therefore, it becomes difficult for you to track the exact number of outbound emails that are going out- they may simply get lost in the mix if you’re not careful.

To make this process easier for yourself and your employees, the best way out would be to set up a separate email ID for the outbound program only. This way, you will have no problem determining exactly how many emails are going out in a single day.

Make sure you don’t add spam words

It is absolutely crucial for you to ensure that none of the emails you send out have any words in them that can usually be found in spam emails. If that happens, your email will go straight to the spam box of the people you’re sending it to, thus defeating the entire enterprise.

If you are trying to market your product by writing good product descriptions try doing so without adding phrases like “once in a lifetime offer” and the like. That’s not how you would email your friend or an acquaintance about a product that you have created, which is why it is safer to avoid such phrasing altogether.

Keep the body of the email absolutely simple

You might be tempted to decorate the body of the email with a host of pictures, GIFs and decorative text, but in reality, doing that will only distract the reader from the actual message of your email. It is best to keep the wording and the format of your email absolutely basic so that the message shines through loud and clear.

Take care of contacts in small amounts

Getting hold of several contacts without any idea about what you’re going to send them is a bad idea. You need to first prepare the material that you’re going to send each batch, and then send it to small batches depending upon their collective interests.

This way, you’ll know that at least one out of the hundred contacts you’re sending it to will show some interest in what you have to offer.

Try to send to the business address of individuals

It would be a better idea to send emails to the business email addresses of individual contacts. That way, they will have a higher chance of getting read. If you send it to the company’s common ID, there is every possibility that might go unseen.

Take into account the type of contact

Instead of buying readymade lists of buyers, you should invest your time and energy into building it yourself, with the correct names and details of each. You will have a better chance of getting a response from a trusted source.

Only track links and opens if you absolutely need to

When you add too many links to your email ID, it distracts your reader from the main message of the email, and the central message you’re trying to convey may be lost. So, only add links to your emails if they support or add to your message in some way or the other, and be sure to use them economically.

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