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Not That Invincible: Does Mac Need Antivirus?

Many people think that they don’t need to install any additional antivirus software for their Mac because the integrated protection manages to do its job perfectly. From one perspective, it is not far from being true.

On the other hand, many specialists believe that additional layers of protection never harmed anyone, especially if considering that the correct antivirus software doesn’t affect your system performance.

Antivirus Software

Today we will explore this topic in more detail – from a shortlist of antivirus software and related articles like Intego reviews to some pro tips on having an antivirus software at your Mac.

Does Mac Really Need Antivirus Software?

Apple products have a unique feature of a built-in security system, the one that recognizes and captures unlicensed programs and threats, sending them to quarantine and disabling them from spreading further.

For a long time, Mac was a fortress that, with honor, repealed malware attacks, but hackers and criminals adapt to the new trends as well.

However, the Intego security team has made a unique investigation, uncovering that Mac is not as safe from malware as it was before. The various new malware has adapted and learned how to get around the security wall and crack into the system.

Therefore, when having vulnerabilities, it is better to secure your data and macOS from potential dangers. Take your time and make a small investigation yourself: check professional reviews, compare the products, don’t be shy from contacting the brands, and evaluate all the pros and cons of installing the specific antivirus. You definitely will save your time and keep worries away in the future.

At the same time, you always need to be a conscious user and don’t allow unknown apps to run freely on your Mac. Install additional tools for securing your network connections, double-check emails you get daily, and use pro tips for keeping your digital space safe from unwanted malware.

Top 5 Antivirus Software for Your Mac

1] Intego

Intego Antivirus is specifically designed to protect macOS and keep your working station safe and sound under any circumstances.

The Intego has a unique feature of real-time protection that doesn’t slow down your computer performance and runs steadily without interrupting your everyday routines. It deletes malware right the moment it notices any suspicious behavior and updates its database of malware daily.

It also has a secure firewall that will double-check apps, excluding any possibility of installing infected programs. And It also helps you to keep the system clean, backup data, and filter content.

2] Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes also do their homework, similar to Intego, and constantly working on Mac-specific malware research.

The Malwarebytes is pretty good at detecting and removing adware and other current threats that come from online sources. It has features of scan that searches on Mac-specific malware, showing that it deals even better in some cases than other antivirus software.

The software also doesn’t impact the system and does a decent job of detecting and removing any malware attacks. You may consider this software as a backup plan for your Mac.

3] Avast

The well-known name on the antivirus software market, Avast is a certified option for providing the best network security scan. It has quick full scans and decent phishing protection.

Overall, Avast is perfect for securing your data if you are an advanced Internet user. You will be secured from any attacks and malicious links that will lure your information right in front of you, without your knowledge of it.

However, Avast is quite picky with the system version it is compatible with; it will not support versions elder than 10.10 Yosemite, so Avast won’t be even an option.

4] Bitdefender

Bitdefender has classic scan options that help you to identify the threats hidden within the system. The advantage of Bitdefender also includes a low impact on the system and good malware identifying and removal scores.

Bitdefender has a Safe Files feature that protects your desktop, documents, and downloads folders from unauthorized access by apps that can harm your system.

It includes browser plugins that identify harmful websites, without blocking them. At the same time, Bitdefender is not the best option if you are easily irritated by program pop-ups with offers.

5] TotalAV

TotalAV is a newcomer at the antivirus software market, but it shows the steady growth in its improvements and gaining the trust of thousands of users.

The extended packages have useful features of web browser manager, safe password vault, web shield (works only with Firefox and Chrome), and high-quality protection against spyware, adware, and phishing scams.

On the other hand, many professionals reported that the Mac version needs to be improved and fixed in some aspects.


In short: you always have to set a backup plan before it is too late. It sounds a bit dramatic, but the hackers don’t leave you with any other options than finding a solution to shield their attacks.

Choose the antivirus wisely, but don’t worry, because the market has many great products for your convenience.

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