Does TOGAF Certification Really Matter?

What is TOGAF?

TOGAF or The Open Group Architecture Framework is the underlying structure for enterprise architecture that offers a methodological way of designing, planning, implementing and controlling an enterprise IT architecture.

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)

If you have undergone TOGAF Certification & Training, it clearly indicates that you know enterprise architecture pretty well and can even demonstrate the need and functioning of each and every component of the enterprise architecture.

Moreover, upon getting TOGAF Certified, you are in a great position to examine the structure of your business and eliminate the limitations in it.

Is TOGAF Certification Worth It?

The benefit of getting TOGAF Certified is not just limited to a revision of the business structure. There are many more advantages of the same which makes it highly valuable and vital to your business as well as to the people who are working under you.

TOGAF Certification is considered as the topmost peak of enterprise architecture and is, currently, in great demand in the industry. Following are some of the major advantages if you possess a TOGAF Certification.

1] Increasing Demand for Certified Enterprise Architects

As mentioned above the demand for certified enterprise architects is on the rise. Information technology and its relative architecture are growing advanced day by day; thus making effective management of the business’ enterprise architecture pretty essential.

Without TOGAF certified professionals working under its hood, a business is under a huge risk of continuing to use obsolete technology and relying on poor enterprise architecture. Hence, if you are thinking about getting TOGAF certified, you must get the job done on a priority basis, so as to enjoy the benefits of the rising demand for the same.

Plenty of job opportunities open up once you successful clear your TOGAF Certification exam. You can work in banks, multinationals and various other industries as well.

The company won’t even interview you much as your TOGAF certification will speak on your behalf. Companies tend to acquire as many TOGAF certified professionals as they can. Not only you get hired quickly, you become a vital asset to the organization and enjoy a good payout as compared to your colleagues. So, with TOGAF certification, you don’t look for companies, instead, companies look for you.

2] Develop Management Skills

If you are TOGAF certified and meet another professional who is TOGAF certified too, you will find that you both share the same levels of expertise and talk in a common technical language. This is, absolutely, fantastic as it enables multiple TOGAF certified professionals to work together, without giving rise to any kind of discord or disagreement.

Moreover, since you know the language and the art of enterprise structure, you will be able to clear the doubts of your team and direct them efficiently towards meeting the objectives of the organization and expectation of the client.

Managerial Skills

As a result, post achieving your TOGAF certification, you develop better managerial skills which are highly required in, almost, any industry.

3] Effectively Meet the Organizational Demands

Every organization has certain needs and objectives. TOGAF certifications allow you to meet these objectives smoothly. As an example, if we consider the budget part of the information technology, a TOGAF certification can help to identify the areas where a considerable part of the budget needs to be spent, in order to stay in accordance with the organizational demands.

There are various components that work together to make up a business. With the help of the skills, acquired from TOGAF, a business can be provided with a better structure and all its underlying components can be effectively streamlined in order to maximize production, sales and profitability levels of the business.

Moreover, since a TOGAF professional can do this task much more efficiently in a shorter time, it aids to save a lot of efforts as well as essential organizational resources. All departments of an organization work in sync with each other and this helps in making the overall business management much easier.

4] Increases your Credibility & Trust Factor

TOGAF is internationally recognized. You go anywhere, for a job interview, your TOGAF certification will help you to gain the trust of the interviewer right away increasing your chances of selection. This is because, once you get TOGAD certified, it is understood, that you possess the required skills to streamline the working of the business.

Moreover, this makes TOGAF certification a great asset in your hand as well as increases your value to the business under which you are currently working or you are looking to join. Also, you must know that TOGAF is not just limited to a single role.

In fact, it is highly suitable and compatible with a multitude of job profiles. TOGAF certification enables your trust factor to be visible to the organization.

5] TOGAF is at the top of the field of Enterprise Architecture

Another benefit of getting TOGAF certified is that its position is at the top of the field of Enterprise Architecture. There is, absolutely, no need to get any other certification after this.

TOGAF 9.1® Certification Training

Thus, apart from making you worthy for businesses, TOGAF certification helps to save your essential resources as well as time, which you can utilize for other core tasks. Moreover, be assured that, with TOGAF certification, you are making a long-term investment which is going to benefit you greatly in the present as well as in the upcoming future.


These are some of the major benefits of going for a TOGAF certification. Without TOGAF, the enterprise structure and its underlying components cannot be effectively streamlined. TOGAF makes it possible to build a robust enterprise that always stays in accordance with the business requirements.

Hence, there is no need to think any further. You must go for TOGAF certification straight away as it is an excellent, impeccable and immaculate certification for you.

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