EaseUS Data Recovery Tool – The Ultimate Universal Data Recovery Tool

If data loss is what’s giving you sleepless nights, it’s going to stop in the next 4-5 minutes! (That’s the amount of time needed to finish reading this article!)

Let me come up straight, this is a review, a review of a data recovery tool that does its job far better than I initially expected it to do.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software 2017

EaseUS Data Recovery Tool

What is EaseUS?

EaseUS is one of the primary solutions that comes up on Google search when you search for keywords like “data recovery software free“, or maybe “photo recovery solutions”.

So basically it’s a tool that helps you recover your lost data. It’s lightweight, it’s available as a free version and it does its job pretty well, that’s reason enough for you to continue reading this isn’t it?

EaseUS Features:

There will be a hundred tools out in the market claiming to be able to do the exact same thing EaseUS is doing, so I understand if you don’t just want to take my words for it.

And I don’t expect you to, instead let me give you some features and options you’ll be getting with EaseUS to back my story up.

It Supports all Data-loss Scenarios:

“How” was the last time that you lost your data? Deleted it accidentally? A virus ate it up? Well none of it’s gonna matter because EaseUS recovers your data regardless of how you lost it.

Data-loss Scenarios

It literally is the ultimate data recovery solution you’ve been looking for because there’s no scenario when it gives up on you.

It Supports all devices:

One other major problem with data recovery tools is that you never know if they’re going to support your device which isn’t necessarily a computer or a laptop!

Well with EaseUS you do! I’m saying that because there almost is no device EaseUS can’t recover data from.

It’s compatible with:

  • Hard-disks.
  • Cameras.
  • Cell phones.
  • Memory cards.
  • Music players.
  • USB sticks
  • And a lot more!

So in short, you might run short of devices but never of compatibility.

Supports all file “types”:

Again, proving my “universal data recovery tool” point is the fact that regardless of what file “type” you’re trying to recover, let me tell you it’s possible with EaseUS.

Apart from the general, day-to-day music files, photos and other media, you can even recover your E-mails with EaseUS!

Supports all file types

Extremely Easy to Use:

The process to recover files using EaseUS is fairly simple as well. You just launch the tool, choose the device you want to recover your data from, and click on recover!

Easy to Use

Honestly I’ve never seen a device with an easier interface, have you?

Files Preview:

Another one of my favorite features with EaseUS is its super-power which lets me “preview” files before actually recovering them.

It’s something not a lot of tools offer, and well it does prevent me from bringing back all the files which might not be needed anymore and helps in a judicial choice of what to recover.

Free Version Available:

Now that you’ve gone through all the features EaseUS offers, you might be wondering that you need to have a fortune in order to afford the tool.

Well, not exactly! They have a free plan as well, and it offers almost the same functionalities as the premium one with very little restrictions.

So if you’re even the least bit interested, take my advice and check the tool out for yourselves.

Final Verdict:

Well it’s obvious I’m in love with EaseUS! And why won’t I be? You’ve seen what it’s capable of, and all it asks for in return is (almost nothing!), because of their free-plan! (Although I did recently migrate to the premium package because of the extended functionalities!)

The point being, it’s a one of a kind tool, and especially at this price-range! It’d not be a wise move if you decide not to even try it out when it’s costing you absolutely $0.

Do let me know your take on this article and the tool in the comments! 🙂

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