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11 Simple Ways Students Can Make Money Online

Easy and best ways to making money online from home. Students are the future of their respective country. The students can play the big role in advancement of a developing country like India. But in 21st century, the progress in science & technology has diverted attention of few of those deserving students. There are certain pros and cons of this progress. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, hike and few more such social networking sites and apps have come in the way of their success.

How Students Can Make Money Online from Home

ways to make money online from home

How to make money online

Few spend their time in playing online games while few keep on chatting whole day long! According to one of the observations it is found that we spend nearly 2 to 3 hours per day on such site which is equal to nearly thousands of hours in a year! Hence, students should stop wasting such a valuable time and in place of it should try to make money online. By doing so they won’t waste their time on social sites and would even be able to earn money online. At least as much required for their pocket money! Also housewives and teenagers require money for their interests.


Students are always in a need of pocket money for their own extra requirements. They like to spend this money on movies and hangouts. For this pleasure, you yourselves can earn money and below given 11 easy ways can help you out in it. So students stop chatting and start earning online!


Teens play a constructive as well as destructive role in building a nation. Their minds have fresh and unique ideas for developing any of the fields. If he wants to make money he can make it online. This would help him save time and energy too. Thus these 11 ideas would surely make them progress!


Nowadays few housewives, burdened with family responsibilities do not get time to show their potential. Hence, below given tips would help them out to earn their extra money online, by simply sitting at home!


In recent times, YouTube is the fastest growing video site. It has acquired place among the top 10 sites since last few years. YouTube has a huge variety of videos including education, sports, politics, entertainment, social and many more fields. YouTube is a best place to make money by creating fascinating tutorial videos and blogging videos using the Ad sense. One can not only earn money by the ad clicks but also for the video views. But this would not be so easy for those individuals who do not have partnership programs with YouTube in their country. One needs partnership with YouTube for making money. The following countries have partnership programs available for


Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Czech republic, Germany, Spain, France, the UK, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden and the US.


The easiest way to earn money by just sitting and relaxing at home is to present your ideas online i.e. creating new blogs. This would help to improve the writing as well as thinking skills of a student and he can even make out money from such a talent of him. A person should start writing at least one blog per day to sharpen his skills. Initially you may not get much people to read your blog but after certain months your blog would be read by a number of people.

Make Money Via Blogging

Make Money By Blogging

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