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Is Elegant Themes Divi the Best Choice For a Business

There are plenty of nice themes out there but Divi theme is one of the most preferred by most designers and with good reason too.

Divi by Elegant Themes

Initially, the theme had a muted reception among developers owing to the fact that switching from it to any other theme in the future was difficult, Elegant Themes allayed those fears when they released the Divi developer plugin. Here are several reasons why Divi is a good choice as a WordPress theme for a business.

If you’re planning to use this theme for your site, this list of 30+ Divi theme examples on BeeWits.com is a must-see.

1] Several layouts which can be used for various businesses

Divi has 140+ layouts that you can choose from depending on your unique needs. These layouts have been customized for different types of projects and this makes it easy to build your new website in a jiffy.

Just select your perfect layout; update the demo content with your own content and your website will be good to go! If you want to mess around with the theme to come up with your own layouts, the pre-made layouts will also help you to know the different functions you can achieve with the theme.

2] Multipurpose possibilities

According to Elegant themes, Divi is the most elegant and robust theme they have ever built. This is probably why the theme is loved by designers from around the globe. When you have multiple projects to work on, you most probably use different themes for each project.

But thanks Divi, you can now use only one theme to build multiple websites. From a café or a digital agency to virtually anything you can think of, Divi is the ultimate multipurpose WordPress theme. In fact, it might just be the only theme you will ever need.

3] Includes a custom page builder

The Divi page builder is one of the most futuristic page builders. This page builder is so powerful that Elegant Themes usually offers it as an individual plugin but the good news is it comes bundled with your Divi theme.

The page builder has 46+ content modules that you can use to add sections on your pages and posts and its intuitive drag and drop features make it possible to design eye-catching custom layouts on any website.

This is the plugin that will allow designers to add the wow factor to all projects they create.

Divi custom page builder

4] A healthy community around it

Divi theme has an amazing community around it. Divi users are encouraged to share with new custom layouts on the blog. At any single time, there will be dozens of new layouts that are usually shared on the company’s official blog which users can download for free.

Once you join the community, you can participate in sharing some of your designs and they even allow users to make money on some of their designs by offering them for a price. In other words, you can actually turn this into a business especially if you have a knack for eye-catching designs.

Community | Elegant Themes

5] Good price

Premium themes are usually quite costly. Elegant themes have made it cheaper for you because instead of selling you the theme for a premium rate, they offer you a membership plan which gives you the right to download all of their themes and plugins.

For only $89.00, you get a 12-month membership plan that gives you access to all their themes and plugins. If you are a web designer, the lifetime access will give you better ROI. It costs only $249.00 and in addition to accessing all products, you also get a lifetime access to updates and a premium support.

Good price

6] Extended built-in functions such as A/B testing

What makes Divi stand out from the pack is the advanced built-in features that you wouldn’t get in any other theme. For instance, Divi not only builds the most powerful landing pages due to the intuitive drag and drop page builder but they recently added a split testing function too.

This feature allows the website owner to broadcast more than one version of a page or a section of a page to various audiences as a way of measuring to see which one will have better conversions. Instead of guessing and building blindly, you can use the tool to find out the best way to display your content for maximum conversions.

A/B testing

7] Plenty of 3rd party products and tools

DIvi makes it very easy to extend its functions through the addition of 3rd party products and tools. For instance, the Divi booster plugin can add over 50 other configuration options to the theme.

Some of the features this plugin can add include restricting the header from shrinking on scroll, making your slider images clickable links, the addition of sticky widget areas, etc. There are tens of other 3rd party tools that you can install on the theme to extend its functions.


Divi is actually more of a framework than a theme because you can use it to develop multiple WordPress projects. And the best part is with the affordable annual plan, you get access to all the other themes and plugins at no extra cost!

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