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In the jet age, snail mail has given way to email and how! Now you longer have to wait patiently for days for your letters to reach their destination. Despite official communication yet taking the formal route of mail dispatch, emails have gained equal prominence.

Email Login Solution

Most office communication, as well as personal communication, is done via emails now. Moreover, if you wish to surf any site or purchase stuff over the internet, you have to make an account at the given webpage. Your social media accounts, bank accounts, shopping accounts on various e-Commerce sites, all require login IDs apart from your email accounts.

With so many accounts, comes the hassle of passwords. You cannot keep the same password for all your logins as it is unsafe. If either one of your multiple accounts (having the same password) is hacked, you might be in huge trouble!

Credit card scams, social media fiascos, email trouble, any and all of these situations can happen if your account is hacked. It is, therefore, necessary to keep login IDs and password different from one account to another, unique as well as of strong strength. However, all hell is lost if you end up forgetting your password!

The Horror of Forgetting Your Login ID or Password

Since a majority of the population has taken up online shopping with a bang, most of them end up logging onto a number of sites almost on a daily basis. More often than not, it is automatic. Some of us may even let the system remember the login ID and passwords.

Though extremely convenient as you just have to open the webpage or app and start filling your shopping cart with your desired products. However, it may develop into a massive problem, if you are logged out of your system or worse, have to use another system to log in; as we may have forgotten the login ID or password or both!

Though at that time it may seem as if all is lost, more web pages than you can think of have taken care of this possibility and designed ways to help their customers. Some of the common techniques used to recover your login ID or password are mentioned below.

1] What’s Wrong

Often users end up forgetting the login ID and password combination. The general message displayed is ‘password incorrect’ or ‘login ID and password don’t match’. More often than not, with multiple accounts, users don’t remember the exact combination that they have used for the particular account.

It would be much helpful if the sites could inform whether the login ID already exists in their database, that way instead of thinking of both the options, users just have to try another password. Generally, if the login ID is correct, you can choose to click the ‘forgot password’ option and recover your account.

2] Changed Password Reminder

Changing your password regularly is a good habit and recommended by most software experts. This is essential for the safety and security of your account. However, more often than not, people forget that they have changed their password and keep typing their old password.

The general message displayed is ‘incorrect password’ which may be assumed as a typo error. A number of incorrect attempts may lead you to be locked out of your account. It would be helpful if a message displaying ‘your password was changed _ days ago’. This may remind the user of the correct password.

3] Multiple Login Issues

Often signing on an app, people end up using their already existing IDs on Facebook or Google+ but it may prove a problem if they forget which login ID they had used. This might result in them creating multiple IDs on the app.

Multiple Login Issues

This problem can be solved by keeping the users logged in unless specifically asked to sign them out.  This is a win-win situation for both the user as well as the website.

4] Warn Before Locking Accounts

More often than not, entering the wrong password may lead the account to be locked. It would be appreciated if before temporarily logging the user out of their account, a warning is issued by the site.

How to Reset Your Forgotten Password?

Forgetting your login and/or password can be very upsetting and irritating at times. However, there are techniques available to retrieve it. Here are a few methods to try.

  • Most sites offer you the option to log in despite the fact that you have forgotten the password. Since most accounts are synced these days; you can either use your mobile number or an alternate ID to retrieve your forgotten password and login ID.
  • Another option includes resetting your password using an external link. You can enter the username or email address and select ‘submit’.
  • You will get a password reset email, clicking on the URL provided in the email, you can reset the password. In case you don’t get an email in your inbox, check the spam or junk folder.
  • You will be surprised to know that your browser saves typed passwords automatically. So in case you have forgotten your password, there is some chance that your browser might remember it!
  • There are different techniques in different browsers to recover your forgotten password. Here’s how you can recover password from the most common internet browsers.
    • Internet Explorer – You can enter the ‘control panel’ in the search field and click user accounts in it. Under credential manager, click manage web credentials and you will receive a list of saved passwords. You can narrow the list by searching for and clicking show at the appropriate entry. Enter your Windows user password and confirm by clicking OK.
    • Chrome – Click Menu button and Settings. Click Show advanced settings and then select password and forms Click manage passwords and a list of saved passwords will appear. Narrow the list by typing in the search field and click Show at the appropriate entry.

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