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Engagement Rings Trends In 2019

It is not just an engagement ring; it is something that signifies your relationship. And It is why you should be trendy when choosing the engagement ring. When you choose an engagement ring, you should get the best. You should look for the latest trends; see what others are selecting for their big day.

The Biggest Engagement Ring Trends


With these trends, you will have an idea to select the ring that suits your fiance. Every New Year people look for something new. They change the style, and you will find new trends.

Here are the engagement ring trends of 2019. These trends are going to stay strong this year.

1] The fancy custom diamond rings

Diamond has always been the mark of excellence. Whenever you think of a diamond ring, you might have in mind the old fashioned round solitaire diamond ring. However, the trends this year have changed. Now people are looking for a fancy shape instead of the same old round diamond.

You can always go for the custom diamond rings and get the design that you want for your engagement. Get the best, and the fanciest Custom diamond engagement rings by Linara. You might want a heart shape or a pear-shaped diamond ring.

You can only get that shape when you get a custom designed ring. Spice up the engagement and surprise everyone this year with a unique diamond ring. The trends in 2019 are changing, and people are not relying on the old fashioned rings.

2] The Contemporary three stone rings

It is a trend that will never get old. This year also, you will see many men are trying to get the three stone rings. You might not know the significance, but these three stones tell the couple’s past, present, and future.

This year the people are looking for something new. Instead of adding all three diamonds, they are looking for adding two other stones and the middle one diamond. It will create a great impression.

This year, the trend of the traditional three-stoned ring is changing. You will see many people are now getting the middle stone diamond and the other two sapphires. You won’t see many three stone rings in yellow or gold. Instead, you will see white gold or platinum rings this year.

3] The yellow gold ring

There are many metals at rising for the engagement ring, but the yellow gold is at a rise. It is going to be one of the most used metals for the engagement rings this year. There are several celebrities including Meghan Markle, Emily Ratajkowski, are choosing the yellow gold rings.

It is a beautiful way to express the love. That gentle yellow color which shines like gold is going to be shining on women’s fingers this year. You will see these yellow gold rings studded with diamonds and many other gems.

4] The Stacked and nested rings

If you are looking for something new, then try the stacked and nested rings which are also in fashion this year. Whether you want to accessorize the right hand or augment the bridal set, it is the perfect ring for the engagement.

It is something new, and everyone will love to see it as an engagement ring. If you want everyone to talk about your engagement ring and how fancy and unique it is, choose the nested rings this year. It is a new trend which is getting popular.

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This year you will see that most of these nested designs have white gold instead of yellow gold. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be yellow gold at all, but the nested ring appears much better with the white gold.

5] The Distinct Halos

The halo engagement ring offers many styles. It is also in fashion this year. Choosing delicate or distinctive halos featuring a cushion diamond are elegant and also glamorous. You will see many couples this year with distinctive halo designs this year.

The thing is the diamond looks even better with this style. These halo designs have delicate detailing. You can use the traditional gold or the white gold. The trend this year for these halo designs is the white gold.

6] The Organic style rings

This year you will see that not many women want the rings to be too traditional. You will see a lot of changes in the engagement ring designs.

One such design that you will see this year and is trending a lot is the organic design. The ring that features an organic cluster of diamonds is one of the best ways to express a unique sparkle for the engagement.

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