5 Essentials for Stronger Network Security

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your network security, you have come to the right place. Here we present you with the 5 essentials for stronger network security so that you can ensure they safety of your company data, information and website. Keep reading to find out more.

Essentials for Stronger Network Security

1] Keep software up-to-date

Software in your organization that is outdated and unsupported poses as the largest threat to network security. Unpatched software produce nothing more than vulnerabilities from 3rd-party software such as Microsoft that make it easy for malware and hackers to compromise date and destroy your network security.

Protect your network by creating a patch management framework that will automate software patches leaving you and your network safe and secure.

2] Centralize log collection, analysis and threat detection

Analyzing centralised data through collections such as data log and flat files from all network devices, servers and databases will identify threats and untrustworthy activities.

This can be done  with the implementation of a security information and event management solution. Be sure to monitor devices and alert continuously in order to improve the awareness of security incidents in your network.

3] Monitor switch port usage and track endpoint devices

Protect your network security by monitoring port usage and track end point devices. Tracking user devices to switch ports will enhance your IT security by mapping all endpoint devices. It is important to track switch port usage because it will provide you with information such as which user is logged in and from what device.

You will also be able to track their history, IP address and host name. Make sure you blacklist unknown devices. Doing so will alert you when the blacklisted device logs on through one of your port switches.

Do not be scared to take advantage of free network tools. There are some free products out there that every admin should consider when structuring network security. Monitoring your network can be made easy if you incorporate the correct tools to secure your network from hackers.

4] Monitor user activity

Why is it so important to monitor user activity? More than 50% of security incidents come from privileged accounts. That is all the reasoning you need. The IT personnel should be notified every time a network engineer or systems administrator access the network to ensure that the activity is coming from a valid user.

User activity monitoring

Adding users to admin accounts, modifying privileged accounts, logon failures are all activities that should send alerts to your IT team immediately to ensure your network safety and and keep your security from being compromised.

Make sure that all users have their own unique password and that there is no sharing of passwords amongst employees. If someone leaves your team or network, be sure to remove that account so that they can’t breach your network and cause problems with routers or servers.

5] Meet regulatory compliance standards

Meeting regulatory compliance standards will help your network to avoid unfortunate events such as data theft. There are many standards to take into consideration.

A few examples of compliance standards are SOX, which is used to improve accuracy of corporate disclosures as well as protect the general public from fraudulent practices and accounting errors. PCI DSS can be used for handling branded credit cards and protecting them from credit card related fraud and schemes.

DISA STIG standardizes security protocol within the network and servers and finally, HIPAA safeguards medical information by providing data and security provisions.

Consider implementing a SIEM solution as it meets most of the compliance standards. With this you can rest assured knowing that you are avoiding regulatory fines and preventing data breaches.

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