Facts You Need to Know About the Popular MMO Environment Game RuneScape

With RuneScape 3 getting immensely popular amidst the gamers, there are many facts that the players are still unaware about especially the very first game that started with RuneScape advancing towards RuneScape 3.

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After the transition of the game to the updated HTML5, RuneScape 3 bagged a higher number of players for this MMORPG. Before we get to the fun facts, let us know more about the game.

What is RuneScape?

RuneScape is what every player with medieval age fantasy would love to indulge in. This game is freely accessible with an MMO environment that involves communication and coordinated playing scenario within a world filled with kingdoms and creatures.

This empowering game comes with various opportunities for the players to build wealth, rally friends, master skills, and even seek adventure.

How did the game attain its fame?

Since the launch of the game back in 2001, the game has seen about 220 million overall players that have constantly been increasing. The popularity of this game comes due to three major factors which include the rich and deep gameplay, flexible price point, and easy accessibility. This massive play world is open for all.

Essentially it is free-to-play that comes with no time limits, or glass ceilings. It is easily accessible via any PC or laptop enabled with internet with new content added every week.

Additionally, the players can get the best of the game with enhanced features with the RuneScape 3 Gold that can be bought from various reliable sellers.

The basic idea about RuneScape 3 is similar to that of the very first game that was launched in the year 2001.

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However, numerous changes in the game regarding quality and intensity have increased its popularity over the years. So here are some of the facts that you never knew about the RuneScape.

  1. The Level 9 HP based accounts still exist till date given the fact that in RuneScape 1 the players start with the 1000 experience for HP. This is just a bit short of the level 10. However, after update to the game for RuneScape 2, all these accounts reflected their HP level skill as experience.
  2. Back when RuneScape started, the Hi-scores didn’t update in an automatic manner once you opted for logout. The Jagex would instead announce with the help of Popup in the game stating that the player had jumped to the 1st rank for Hi-scores.
  3. The Varrock had the smith NPC located just behind the east bank that could easily alter the plate armour between the female and male versions. The female characters had the feasibility of wearing male version. However, the male characters didn’t get the feasibility to wear the female ones.
  4. Looking for a movie reference in the game? Well, why not? The clock present by the Catherby’s bank which is both before as well as after rework has been set at 10:04. Fans say that this is actually and fun reference for the movie “Back to the future”.
  5. The Nex Combat Level (1001) actually serves as a reference for the release date which was 10/02/2001.
  6. In the year 2004, the craze for RuneScape was so vast that the Danish Ministry of Education actually went on to publishes a well-detailed guide for the players to start playing this game.
  7. The revelations for RuneScape include the fact that the game house two different versions of summoning which includes Druidic and Arcane. The players often learn the Druidic summoning.
  8. On the classic version of RuneScape, the level 46 carried the strongest but a short-lived monster named Black Knight. The monster held this record for a mere 32 days which was eventually taken over by Moss Giants at the Level 62.

This article is contributed by Kamaljot is a RuneScape player for a long time who loves to write about the new inclusions in the MMORPG environment of this legendary game. Additionally, he also tries and tests various sellers of RuneScape 3 gold to check for authenticity.

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