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Fernanda Machado is a popular Brazilian actress, who is known for her contribution to the Brazilian movie industry, where she played important number roles in popular movies.

Fernanda Arrias Machado Brazilian Actress

Fernanda Arrias Machado

Not many people know much about her, so we are going to cover the achievements she added to her resume.

Personal Life of Fernanda Machado

Fernanda Machado was born on October 10th in 1980 to a Brazilian family. She raised and grown up in the city of Brazil.

Fernanda Machado full name is Fernanda Arias Machado, and she dropped the middle name to make it short so that her fans and the industry can recognise her better. The longer name can challenges memory power, so she dropped the middle name to make it easier to remember.

She is very close to her parents, who have supported her choices over the years, never stopped her from achieving greater heights.

She has attended a local school in Brazil, where she has completed her schooling. There are no records of her attending and completing her higher education.

She might have completed it, but she has never said it in public. It can be the case, but again there is no official confirmation.

Fernanda Machado Pictures, Photos & Images

Fernanda Machado has dated a lot of people in the past, but she dated the popular actor Jorge Pontual, but things did not work out with him later on and moved on.

Later on, she dated a photographer Marcelo Faustini, and she had a healthy relationship with him, but they had different vision and situation were not in their favour. So the couple stopped dating and separated.

After few years, she got in met an American entrepreneur Robert Riskin, who was interested in Machado and they started to date for a while.

Things worked out for them very well, and they finally decided to get married on February 2, 2014, in São Luís Gongaza Chapel, Maringa.

After one year of their marriage, they had their first child Lucca on June 22, 2015.

The American entrepreneur Robert Riskin is very supportive of his wife, and he does not put any restrictions on her work. She can work on her career and take care of her first child at the same time.

Fernanda Machado Brazilian actress

Though the number of shows she uses to sign is lessened with time, she is open to taking on any bigger or minor projects that can help her further in her career.

Fernanda Machado actress

Fernanda Machado Professional Life

Fernanda Machado has worked hard over seventeen years to get into the entertainment industry, and she has contributed in the television and film industry.

She made her debut in the entertainment industry in television shows in 2004.

Começar de Novo (TV show) – It is a television series aired between 2004 to 2005, and she was part of 88 episodes. She played the role of Sonya, who is an important role in the whole show.

Soul Mate (TV show) – During 2005, she started to get more offers from other shows, but she selected soul mate television series that aired in 2005. The show started and ended in 2005 with 22 episodes in it. She played the role of Dalila, and it is an important role in the show.

Inesquecível (Movie) – She finally got her first film role in the industry, and she played the role of Espinosa, which is a key role in the film. She did not work in 2006 because she was looking for interesting offers and in 2007 she signed this film.

Fernanda Arrias Machado Brazilian actress

Elite Squad (Movie) – She was able to impress the audience, so she signed one more movie in Elite Squad, where she plays a decent role as Maria that gave her the recognition she needed the most. She signed the movie in 2007 itself.

Queridos Amigos (TV Mini show) – Machado never hesitated to come back to the smaller screen, and she signed a miniseries, and she played the of Lorena. The show (2008) had only 19 episodes, and she was playing a key role in the show.

Dicas de um Sedutor (TV show) – Fernanda Machado signed a television show in 2008 because she found the story to be unique and wanted to be part of it. She played the role of Julia. She appeared in only one episode, and its name is Falta Homem.

Casos e Acasos (TV show) – In the same year, she signed to appear in two episodes of Casos e Acasos, where she played the of Fabíola, and she played the role of Adriana in the second episode. She appeared in only two episodes, but she left a mark.

Inverno (Short movie) – In the same of 2008, she signed a short film which was offered by a colleague that worked with her in the past. She played the role of Paula, and it reached the younger audience better in Brazil.

Flordelis: Basta Uma Palavra Para Mudar (Movie) – In the year of 2009, she only signed one movie that was running well in many cities. She played the role of Mulher Estuprada Pelo Pai that is a supporting role.

Actress Fernanda Machado

Watercolors of Love (TV Series) – She never left the television show, but she was waiting for the right script that would remain in the hearts of the Brazillian audience. Fernanda Machado played the role of Laís, and it is an important role, she was able to leave a mark in the industry with this show. She appeared in 211 episodes of the show that aired between 2010 to 2011.

Tropical Paradise (TV show) – Between 2007 to 2010, she was part of a popular tv show, and she was playing the role of Joana for three years in the show. We listed it after 2010 because the show comes to an end by 2010.

Irrational Heart (TV mini show) – She loved to be part of mini shows as well and played the role of Luciana Alencar, and she played a role in 10 episodes that aired in 2011.

Fernanda Machado Movies And TV Shows

Macho Man (TV shows) – The final television show she signed is a Macho man, and she played the role of Dra rosary. After 2011, she did not sign any television show to this date.

She signed only three movies from 2011 to 2018, and they are Amanhã Nunca Mais, Man Camp, and A Menina Índigo.

Fernanda Machado Net Worth

Fernanda Machado Net Worth Wiki

Fernanda Machado net worth has gotten down in the years because of her absence in the industry. However, it is estimated that she has $10 million net worth.

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