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5 Time-Saving Recipes to Find the Email Address of Bloggers

There was a time where people strive to do email pitches to multiple blogs, but the chances of finding email ids of bloggers and influencers have been a frustrating factor.

However, nowadays it has become an easy factor to find email ids of bloggers. Although it is a natural factor, few bloggers and marketers find it difficult. So for them, I have a few actionable steps to get the email address of bloggers and influencers.

How To Find Someone’s Email Address

How To Find Someone's Email Address

You all might think,

Why those bloggers always hide their email ids?

Why don’t they like to interact with others? Etc.

But the fact is bloggers always wanted to interact with others, but the main reason is the world of seo is changing the bloggers, and influencers get lots of email pitches a day.

They can’t accept all email pitches, so they just wanted to make it harder to find their email ids.

If you are willing to find their email ids for doing email pitches, then you get some genuine ways to do that with some actionable tips.

Let’s check them.

1. Check their website, contact and about us pages:

You might find it a stupid point, but it isn’t. That’s obviously a good point even though most of the bloggers won’t keep their email ids in their contact pages or about pages.

You can find their information in some of the corners of the site.

Some blogs have a tendency to hide these pages in footers and random links in the sidebars.

So if you can’t find them, just try by putting these in the web address bar.


If you still don’t find those email ids, then you can try checking their terms of use, disclaimer, privacy policy page and other pages like write for us, guest post or contribute option you can find their email ids.

If you still don’t get it, then you can contact them through their contact form. Bloggers always do check their contact emails, but mostly they won’t give a reply to all the emails they get.

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  • Excellent collection!

    Here are 2 other ways to find emails:

    1. Search Facebook with Google queries:

    You can use a query like:




    For example:

    result ->

    Another way is to use — it allows you to search for someone’s history. You can again search for keywords like “email”, “gmail”, “yahoo”, etc.

    Recently we launched which is simple prospecting tool that works in a similar way to SellHack but has a simpler interface and higher email finding success rates. You can do advanced targeted searches for position, company, industry, etc. For example if you want to pitch Entrepreneur Magazine all you got to do is search for “editor” at “Entrepreneur magazine and the tool will find the right person with their email.

    • Hey Kalo,
      Thanks for adding value to the post. I will try Let’s see how effective it is.

  • Hi Nikhil,
    Collecting email ids of other bloggers and influencers is very important today. Because email is the best way to contact with them.
    You have mentioned some simple ways to collect influencers email id. I use #1 option and no doubt it is the best way.
    I think signing up for the newsletter is another great way to collect email ids.
    Anyway great article and thanks for sharing.

    • But bro with signing up mail you don’t get the right to send emails to those email holders. AM I RIGHT?