4 Free Ways to Have Fun On A Budget

Not everybody has the opportunity to spend their money on the most luxurious of activities. Even those marketed as “reasonably priced,” like going to a movie theater, can be too costly or time-consuming to feel worthwhile.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can have fun on a budget both in and outside of the home.

Cheap, Creative Ways to Have Fun

Creative Ways to Have Fun

Whether it be a good book, a stroll around the neighborhood, or a fun day in the sun, there are all sorts of opportunities to take advantage of. Sometimes, you just have to get creative!

Taking the time to have fun without breaking the bank is a great way to boost your mood, wellbeing, and mental health. This is especially true if you do said fun activities with those who matter to you.

In this article, we’ll provide some easy tips to help you get started. Of course, don’t hesitate to use these ideas as inspiration for your own!

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Tip 1: Visit local events 

Many communities (towns, cities, organizations, etc.) host free or low-price events throughout the year. Research your area and find out if there are any interesting, free events that you can attend.

If you’re looking to access information about these events, the internet is often your best friend. You might check community websites, scroll through Facebook, or read your newspaper to find out more.

There are many event types to look out for; your area may host a local fair, film festivals, or promote charity events.

Traveling to local fairs/festivals, for instance, may net you free entertainment in the form of bands, movies, fun games, or free food. These events are also a good way of getting to know the people in your community and even make more friends.

During these turbulent times, it is always important to follow safety protocols for going out if you decide to do so.

Tip 2: Peruse parks and hiking trails

One of the best ways to enjoy your free time without spending money is to exercise.

You can do so easily and for free by finding a beautiful park, hiking trail, or bike path.

Look up parks, hiking trails, and lakes in your area that you can spend the day at. Sites with a diverse landscape – water, hills, fields, hiking trails, etc. – often provide the most options, and they’re usually free to enter.

Parks and similar areas are very versatile and something you can revisit again and again without getting bored.

If the day is particularly warm, for instance, you might decide to take a swim instead of a walk. Once you’re done swimming, you could enjoy a picnic with food or leftovers from home. The options are truly endless.

Tip 3: Visit a Farmers Market

If you’ve always wanted to get to know your area, a farmers market is an excellent opportunity to do so.

Some communities may even combine a farmers market with a flea market, meaning you’ll have access to even more affordable items and experiences.

Visiting a farmers market also shows your support for the community. You can rest assured that any money you do spend (though simply browsing is fun on its own) goes into the pockets of local business owners who need it.

Of course, if you are on a budget, you do not have to spend any money at all. It’s pretty easy to spend your time walking around and admiring the various stands, especially those with samples or art on display.

Tip 4: Go geocaching

A recent phenomenon known as geocaching has exploded in popularity globally, and it’s not hard to see why.

Geocaching is a free activity for anyone with a mobile phone. You can think of it sort of like a scavenger hunt or a similar quest; your job is to locate treasure using provided information.

People use geocaching to hide millions of virtual treasure stockpiles all around the world.

You can access geocaching puzzles from your phone, or you can participate in local groups. Geocaching is a great way to explore your area, challenge your mind, and have fun with others.


Even without a lot of disposable income in your pocket, there are plenty of ways you can have fun in your area.

When and how often you choose to participate in these events is up to you, as is the option of bringing others along with you.

It’s also okay if you end up favoring activities that are less conventionally “entertaining.” So long as you are having fun, you will be spending your time well.

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