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Wearable Tech: GAMMA Jacket Is Graphene Body Armor for Everyday Use

Until now, we’ve thought of wearable tech as a Go-Pro attached to your helmet or an iPhone strapped to your arm.

But what if your smart tech was stitched right into your clothing?

The future of wearable tech has got a little closer to reality with GAMMA, the graphene-infused smart jacket.

GAMMA Jacket

GAMMA is unlike any other jacket on the market because it’s made of a completely new type of material called graphene. Graphene is the strongest, thinnest, and most flexible material on the planet. It also has extremely responsive insulating properties.

GAMMA acts like a second skin. It can detect your temperature to cool you down or heat you up in any climate, from 20˚C/70˚F to -30˚C/-20˚F. It’s also waterproof, windproof, UV-proof, and a lot more.

Not only will it shield you from the elements, but it will also protect you from harm. Graphene is stronger than diamond, so GAMMA will keep you safe from the toughest scrapes-it will even stop a knife.

GAMMA is like smart body armor that protects you from whatever life has in store. We’ll give you the full scoop on this smart jacket below. If you’re short on time, learn more from the product page right here and pre-order your GAMMA while supplies last. Early birds will receive a special 40% discount on their orders.

GAMMA Jacket: What You Need to Know

Here’s a breakdown of the top features you can expect from GAMMA.

Gamma Heated Jacket

Armored protection: Graphene is stronger than diamond, which makes GAMMA practically indestructible. When you wear it, you’ll be protected from cuts, scrapes, and punctures. GAMMA can even stop knife cuts and punctures.

100% weatherproof: GAMMA will shield you against all weather conditions. Graphene is totally impermeable, making GAMMA 100% waterproof, wind-proof, and UV-proof. It includes a hood, rain hem, drawstrings, and fingerless gloves for advanced weather protection.

All-climate comfort: GAMMA’s graphene material is one of the smartest natural insulators. It spreads your body heat around your torso or releases excess body heat, keeping you at a comfortable body temperature regardless of the climate.

Lightweight: GAMMA is nearly bulletproof, and it can keep you warm better than a heavy winter coat—yet it weighs just 500 g (1.1 lb). That’s about the same weight as a hoodie or a sweater.

Built-in heaters: Activate GAMMA’s 3 carbon fiber heating elements with a push of a button and stay warm in the most frigid temperatures. Put any power bank in a jacket pocket to choose from 3 heat intensities. The heaters are completely safe and contain no electric components.

Antimicrobial: Germs cannot survive on GAMMA’s surface. The jacket acts as a shield against bacteria, mold, fungus, allergens, and viruses like COVID-19. This also prevents odors from ever forming on GAMMA.

Insect-repellent: Graphene blocks bugs’ ability to sense your skin or blood. In GAMMA, you’ll be invisible to mosquitoes without having to put on chemical sprays.

Machine-washable: GAMMA is odor-proof and stain-proof, so you won’t need to wash it often. But when you do, you can safely machine-wash it with your other clothes.

Moisture-wicking activewear: GAMMA is made for any activity, but it’s especially suited to active people. Take it hiking, camping, running, or skiing. Graphene will keep you cool and wick moisture away from your body.

Lifelong durability: Graphene is the strongest material on Earth, and GAMMA is the strongest jacket. You can wear it daily for decades to come and it will still look new. GAMMA is immune to tears, fraying, rips, punctures, and most other damage.

Advanced storage: With 10 pockets, including 2 hidden pockets, GAMMA has space for all of your stuff. It’s perfect for traveling or doing outdoor activities in wet weather. Anything in GAMMA’s pockets will be protected from the elements.

We know what you’re thinking: That’s A LOT of features. How can one jacket do so much, and why has nobody made a jacket like GAMMA before?

We decided to find out.

How Does GAMMA Work?

How Does GAMMA Work?

Upon hearing about GAMMA’s superpowers, we felt pretty skeptical. Can any jacket really do all this?

And if so, why don’t we make all jackets like GAMMA?

The answers are: Yes, GAMMA really can do all of these things. And the reason we haven’t seen jackets like this before is that graphene, the material used to make GAMMA, is a recent discovery.

We say discovery because graphene is not synthetic. It’s a natural nanoparticle made of 100% carbon.

Graphene was just discovered in 2004, and it was such a huge deal that it won its discoverers a Nobel Prize.

It’s one of the most versatile materials on Earth. Not only is it the strongest known material, but it’s also highly conductive, highly insulating, weatherproof, and lightweight.

It has loads of applications from clothes to electronics to rocketships.

But scientists are still figuring out how to use it. Recently, the labs at Wear Graphene were able to infuse graphene into clothing. For the last few years, they’ve been producing super-clothes that you can wear all year long and that never get damaged.

GAMMA is the latest in their line of innovations, and it’s worth checking out.

Our Review of GAMMA’s Performance

Our Review of GAMMA’s Performance

Ok, so GAMMA has the science to back up all of its functions. But that doesn’t mean it actually works.

We took it for a test drive, and here’s what we found.

What we liked about GAMMA Jacket

  • Amazing waterproofing and windproofing: Nothing gets through GAMMA. The most impressive part was that even in frigid wind, we couldn’t feel a chill on our skin.
  • Heaters are unlike anything we’ve ever felt: Graphene’s ability to diffuse heat is crazy comfortable. When you turn the heaters on it feels like the entire jacket heats up evenly.
  • We actually stayed cool while jogging: Most raincoats and soft shells leave you feeling sticky and hot while jogging. Not GAMMA. We felt cool and dry.
  • It’s stylish and comfortable: GAMMA looks great. The men’s and women’s designs are slimming and professional. You can wear it at work, home, meeting friends, traveling.
  • The fingerless gloves are awesome: We just had to add this-the built-in fingerless gloves are too cool. Sometimes, it’s the little things that impress us the most!

What we didn’t like so much

  • Just one color: GAMMA performs as advertised, but we wish there were more colors to choose from. Black is sleek, but some lighter colors would be nice.
  • The heater button is inside the jacket: To turn on the built-in heaters, you have to unzip the jacket. That could be inconvenient in rainy or sub-freezing weather. However, you don’t need to remove the jacket or unzip it completely to access the button, so it’s not a huge deal.

GAMMA's heater button

Should You Buy GAMMA Jacket?

Yes, we think GAMMA is worth a buy. Why? Well, if the above information hasn’t convinced you, we’ll spell it out again.

Buy GAMMA Jacket

GAMMA is an all-climate and all-weather jacket that lasts for life. It can keep you comfortable and safe anywhere in the world. Besides being weatherproof and practically indestructible, GAMMA also has a lot of convenient features you don’t find in other jackets. It’s lightweight, has lots of pockets, and is machine-washable, for just a few examples.

What makes buying GAMMA a real no-brainer is that it’s on sale at the moment for over 40% off. Wear Graphene is accepting pre-orders for the new GAMMA jacket right now, and early birds get a special price. That’s over $200 in savings for a jacket you’ll wear forever.

Don’t miss out on this deal. The pre-order window closes soon! If you want to learn more (and pre-order your jacket), visit today.

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