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How to Get Ahead In IT Career

IT is one of the most popular career paths in the world. Information technology has taken off in the last twenty years, with some of the world’s richest entrepreneurs making their billions in tech, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates to name but two.

Fast Ways To Get Ahead In Your IT Career

Ways To Get Ahead in IT

Today, ask any teenage boy what they want to do when they graduate from college and I bet “games design” or “software development” is high on the list. Kids everywhere see tech as their future, so if you are ambitious and would like a high-paying job, IT is the place to be. However, to be successful in IT, you need to have the right qualifications.

The Right Education

There are plenty of self-taught people who have forged successful careers in IT, but they are in a minority. It is possible to teach yourself how to code, build complex databases, or even hack into the Pentagon, but if you want to get ahead, particularly in the corporate world, you will need the right qualifications, certifications, and more.

The best place to start if you want to work your way up to a senior position is to study for a relevant degree. Computer science, IT, software development, computer engineering, CIS degree, or any math/computer major is worth pursuing.

Once you have a bachelor’s degree, you should definitely look into enrolling on a master of science in computer information systems from a reputable college such as Boston University. This will open up even more doors, which if you are serious about building a solid career, is essential.

Monitor Industry Developments

It may sound obvious, but the IT world moves forward at a blistering pace, so if you sit back and rest on your laurels, you will soon be left behind. Today’s innovative developments are yesterday’s old news. You really need to be on the ball if you want to stay a few steps ahead, which is essential if you would like to achieve a senior position. You may also search for locations where your job is more in demand. The salary rate of a software engineer in places such as in LA can reach up to a 6-figure mark annually. It may also open you with opportunities to apply on a higher position.

Be a Good Communicator

The stereotypical IT person sits in a windowless room, surrounded by banks of computers and empty fast-food boxes. This person has no social skills and no life outside of the virtual world. In the real world, this person might be a genius, but he isn’t going to get very far up the career ladder.

To be successful in tech – and in business in general – you have to have communication skills. You will be expected to talk to clients, colleagues, and senior members of staff. You have to be able to translate complex technical information into language a layperson can understand.

Be Business Focused

Whilst IT skills are essential, you also need a good grasp of business economics. Unless you understand how a business works, you won’t be able to perform your core role in an effective manner.

To reach a senior position in the IT world, choose the right degree, stay ahead of the curve, and make sure you acquire essential business and communication skills. 🙂

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