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Getting More Views: 5 Fool-Proof Ways of Raising Your Marketing Awareness on YouTube

So you have decided to promote your business using a YouTube video marketing campaign.

Firstly, great choice! Studies show that around three in every four current businesses use video marketing. Its effectiveness in target markets has meant that video has become a widespread marketing platform.

But you might be wondering what the most effective methods are for increasing awareness of your video marketing campaign. To help you on your way, Wooshii has compiled a list of 5 fool-proof ways of increasing your viewing figures on YouTube.

How to Get More Views On YouTube

How to Get More Views YouTube

Getting More Views YouTube

1. Video Content

The first and most obvious point is to ensure that your videos always include compelling content. The content should be relatable, with a powerful and meaningful message aimed at your target market.

The video should encourage an emotional response and establish a strong connection with your audience. The end of the video should leave them wanting more, resulting either in repeat viewings or watching more of your videos. This can be stimulated by such factors as having a uniform style and branding throughout your content or creating a video series.

In total the video should be no longer than 60-90s- enough time to get your message across in a concise manner. The faster you can get your message across, the better.

2. Video Packaging


The title should be engaging and include a few words keywords.This establishes a strong connection with viewers before they even click on the video. It also raises the video’s status on search engines, but more on that in point 4.


YouTube allows a 5,000 character description, so use it! Your video description should again include keywords and significant terms which best describe both your business and the specific video. Ensure that the video tags also include these keywords and phrases.This all simplifies the video searchability. Now, the video will be displayed when customers are searching for similar content, increasing views.


Annotations are clickable links on the video itself. A balance needs to be struck in terms of size: too large and it can be infuriating for viewers to accidentally open up a new tab, too small and it may go unnoticed.

A good method to combat this is to include pointers in the video content by using text or visual hints. Just think of videos you have seen where presenters say ‘click here for X’ while pointing to a blank corner of the screen: the annotation is highlighted and viewers know exactly where the link is taking them.

Calls to action (CTAs)

CTAs are where the video asks for audience interaction. ‘Subscribe here’ or ‘like and share the video’ are examples. While they are useful, less is more is the case of CTAs as it can be overbearing.


This small square image may seem meaningless, but it is essentially a poster for the content. It should be relevant, hint at the video styling and may include text.You could consider using a consistent thumbnail style for all videos on your YouTube channel.

3. YouTube

YouTube should become another social media platform for your business. You can brand your channel, adding background images and text to your account. When done well, this confirms to the viewer that you are an established brand, prompting return views.

Connecting your YouTube account to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ will network your business to your global audience. If you upload a video, an automatic link will be sent to these platforms. ‘Like’ it a day later and it will provide another link on these platforms.

Social Media

Social Media

4. Search Engines

Google is the number 1 search engine in the world. Number 2 is YouTube. Who owns YouTube? Google.As a result YouTube videos are often catapulted to the top of Google results pages.

Placing emphasis on video marketing in your business by providing a constant flow of content can greatly increase your business’ search results rankings.

5. YouTube Analytics

Frequently review YouTube analytics on your account. You will be able to monitor who is watching your videos, how they are finding your videos and which videos are the most popular.

Having a better idea of your target market will allow you to tailor future content, giving you the best chance of high future viewing numbers.

These 5 fool-proof ways of increasing your viewing figures on YouTube are a template for good viewing figures. Nothing is guaranteed, but video, when used well, can be a powerful marketing tool and greatly strengthen the brand and status of your business.

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