Godex: The Best Platform to Exchange Cryptocurrencies

Among dozens of well-known crypto exchanges, Godex is our favorite, and for a good reason. Though the company has barely been around for three years, it offers plenty of goodies for novice and experienced crypto traders. Anonymous Crypto Exchange

Godex Review - Anonymous Crypto Exchange

Let us walk you through six Godex advantages that make all the difference for privacy-conscious crypto fans.

No Registration Needed

Government authorities can’t do anything about Know Your Client (KYC) compliance, as Godex is a crypto-to-crypto exchange operating in the grey area not yet covered by the US laws. You might wish for fiat currency support, but that would require the converter to collect your info.

As it is, Godex doesn’t even make you share an email. Unless you need help with your order, there’s no need to share your name or contact info.

Choose the desired exchange pair, specify the crypto address, and transfer the funds. Your order will be ready in a few minutes. Godex will store the transaction hash and address for seven days before deleting it. After that, there will be no record of the conversion.

200 Coins to Exchange

Why limit your crypto portfolio to a single token? With Godex, you get more than 200 coins to choose from. The list goes from well-known tokens, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, to niche coins, like Dai or Terra.

The calculator will provide an instant conversion rate and supply the price charts for both currencies in case you want to check out their recent fluctuations one last time before the exchange. The website will specify the minimal amount for exchange for every pair, but there are no limits to order size.

Fast and Easy Orders

Godex takes zero technical knowledge to operate. The web interface is as simple and intuitive as it gets. First, you need to decide on a coin pair, choosing the right options from a drop-down menu.

You’ll notice the most popular options are at the top, while the rest are listed alphabetically. The interface will automatically calculate how many tokens you will get after trading the amount you specify.

After you’re happy with your coin choice and volume, specify the recipient’s address. For instance, if you want to run a Zcash to Bitcoin exchange online, you’ll need to enter your Bitcoin wallet address.

Once you place the order, you’ll receive a Godex order ID you should use to deliver the funds. Otherwise, your coins will be lost. Wait a few minutes for the exchange to complete, and enjoy your newly diversified portfolio or jump straight into a new exchange.

Fixed-Rate Exchanges

Following crypto price charts isn’t for the faint-hearted. The fluctuations may be so abrupt and significant you can make or lose a fortune in a span of an hour. Luckily, Godex offers fixed-rate exchanges. The rate you see when placing the order is the one you get after processing.

The only caveat is that the coins must be transferred within 30 minutes. If the transaction takes longer, you may face a new exchange rate. As most operations take 5 to 30 minutes, this shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re exchanging 1 BTC or more.

Integrated Addresses

You don’t need to use the Godex website to run exchanges if you’re a proud owner of an Edge crypto wallet. It comes with many integrations, including Godex. Simply open the wallet and choose the best exchange rate. Your order will be fulfilled within half an hour.

And if you’re looking to exchange Monero, you’ll be happy to know Godex supports integrated addresses for better security. The same goes for Zcash fans who can enjoy shielded addresses. Coupled with a privacy-first exchange like Godex, ZEC and XMR are the ultimate anonymity solutions.

Solid Reputation

Security breaches are at an all-time high, and cryptocurrency converters are among the most sought-after targets. With so many cryptocurrency pairs and full transaction anonymity, it’s easy for converters to lose track of coins. Still, Godex has never reported a breach or a balance discrepancy.

Whether it’s due to tight security or luck remains to be seen. For now, the exchange’s reputation is rock-solid. You can find plenty of positive reviews online and give the converter a try with a small sum to check it out.

The Bottom Line

Godex boasts plenty of other benefits for customers, but these six should be enough to convince any crypto fan to give this converter a try. You can exchange coins in a matter of minutes without registration, limitations, or risks.

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