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GPO Trello – One Piece anime serves as the inspiration for Grand Piece Online, the official name of Grand Quest Games’ Roblox game. You can play as a pirate in this game and explore towns and areas that are populated with NPCs and riches. To gain in-game money and stuff, complete challenges and objectives.

GPO Trello Link

The most played One-Piece game on the Roblox platform is Grand Piece Online! It is a vast, expansive game with plenty of fruit, unsolved mysteries, and challenging boss fights. Here are links to Grand Piece Online’s wiki and Trello board.

GPO Trello

Considering that most Roblox games have their official Trello filled with game secrets and details, we recommend checking out GPO Trello to learn more. (It’s also worth mentioning: You’ll need to redeem your GPO codes before you can claim the freebies). Check it out and see–GPO Codes.

This section provides a basic summary of new features, updated features, and some of the most frequently asked topics across a few distinct areas. But the maps (Maps 1 & 2) are saved for last.

The genuine wiki containing all locations, all task givers, game passes, in-game shop, fighting styles, ships, bosses, boss drops, event drops, karoo race drops, dungeon drops, useful items, staff team, and thorough instructions starts here.

Information from the Fandom is comparable to that contained in GPO (in other Fandom games it is usually much worse). As a result, we have provided you with two links. Check both of them for the same information and then choose which one you like most.

GPO Trello: Intro

To help you navigate and enjoy the game, GPO Trello provides information about every component.

GPO Trello: Trello Link

You’re in luck if you want to learn more about GPO. Simply click that link to go to the GPO Trello page, where our experience will provide all the information you require.

Everything you need to know about updates, locations, missions, game passes, races, factions, NPCs, battle styles, ships, and bosses can be found on this website. Additionally, you can read about vendors and event drops. This is a fantastic method to see a lot of details quickly! Everything is on one page, making it simpler than utilizing a wiki because it’s so accessible.

We advise visiting our GPO Codes page if you’re looking for free things. It offers a list of all the in-game freebies, and codes are updated as frequently as possible to ensure that it always has what you require.

The GPO Trello Link (Official One) is provided below:

GPO Trello Official:

GPO Wiki:

Trello is rarely updated, thus it’s best to consult the WIKI.

GPO Trello: Guide to Devil Fruits

Delectable, no? Anyone who consumes devil fruit is given great abilities, but there is a cost. When you eat a devil fruit, the power it contains stays with you forever. As if that weren’t bad enough, you also lose your ability to swim.

Obtaining Devil Fruits

  • Devil Fruits Spawn Location: Any island with trees Time: 1-4 hours.
  • Getting rid of spawning ship NPCs and destroying marine ships is another technique to get devil fruit in GPO.

originating from dungeon raid mode

  • Devil fruits vanish after one hour in Karoo Racing; defeat Krakens and SEA Serpents.

The points are refunded when you reset your fruit.

GPO Trello: Guide to Ships

The ships in this game are one of its most crucial components. Currently, there are more than five ships available, with more on the way. You’ll need a boat to finish your journey because unveiling sail functionality on an island won’t work without one! More expensive boats have superior stats to less expensive ones. It’s crucial to remember that high-grade boats with strong stats can help you defeat marine and pirate ships, which may attack you when you’re sailing in open waters.

  • Rowboat on the Ships List : A rowboat only costs 75 peli, making it an affordable item. It moves at 25 meters per second and has 100 horsepower. Purchase at the Town of Beginnings.
  • Caravel : A medium-sized apartment called a Caravel costs 2K peli. It moves at 45 meters per second and has 750 horsepower. Purchase at the Town of Beginnings.
  • Galleon : The price of a Galleon, a large-sized unit, is 15K peli. It moves at a speed of 75 meters per second and has 2K HP. Purchase at Shell’s Town.
  • Hoverboard : A Hoverboard is a regular unit that can be obtained for free, but with slim chances, by defeating Gravito in Gravito’s fort. As an alternative, you can purchase it with Robux. It moves at a speed of 70 meters per second and has 750 HP. Purchase at Shell’s Town.
  • Death Boat : An expensive unit, a Coffin Boat costs 2222 Robux. It moves at 85 meters per second and has 666 horsepower. from Gamepass, please.
  • Striker : A Striker is a small but expensive premium unit; it costs 3K Robux. It moves at a speed of 70 meters per second and has 700 HP. from Gamepass, please.
  • Excited Ship : A Thrilled is a huge, high-end, premium unit that costs 800 Robux. It moves at a speed of 85 meters per second and has 2K HP. from Gamepass, please.


Describe Trello

To plan the creation of an experience, Trello can be used as a project management tool. When users need to access information on the Trello boards, developers have discovered that it is simpler to do so. Trello boards have shown to be very helpful for Roblox developers looking for a solution because they are free.

GPO Wiki

Yes, there is a wiki article for Grand Piece Online. Check out our Trello board if you need some fast information about the game. However, visit the wiki page if you want more in-depth information about how to play!

GPO Discord

Three servers are available in this game: one for announcements, one for community trade, and one for restoring objects and fruits that have been lost due to a bug or shutdown. 

Haki Armament

How to get it: To get a quest for 25k Peli to kill 100 Yetis, speak with Ray on Kori Island (level 80). (Cultivating with crew members is advised.)

How to train: By donning it, you get Haki experience. When the aura of the blade lights with Haki swirls, you’ll know it’s maxed.

Enhancements: Harm is raised by a percentage that scales with your size (longer Haki time = higher percent increase), and it has the potential to damage logia.

Haki Kenbunshobu

To obtain: Speak with Rogson in Skypiea.

How to train: The maximum number of dodges you can use is ten.

Benefits: You can see players and NPCs clearly and avoid attacks. Additionally, you will receive a random Haki color when you first receive your Ken Haki (you can reroll the color).

Haki – Kenbunshobu V2

How to get: Speak with Coro on Foro Island and finish the task with a rating of 300 or higher.

How to train: The maximum number of dodges you can use is ten (13 with mochi).

Benefits: You can see players and NPCs clearly and avoid attacks. If a player has a mochi, you can also see what they are holding and obtain future sight.

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